The Ford Transit for Aesthetics and Performance

In the old days of the American cargo van, this vehicle was all about simple utility. These weren’t a class of vehicle that was built to look good. Instead, it was about hauling cargo from point A to point B, no matter what the exterior looked like. Today, Ford has realized that a whole new class of business people desire something different from the modern cargo vehicle. They have realized a new level of performance and sophistication in the new Ford Transit, which is going out to a surprising variety of businesses, and expanding the boundaries of what they can do and how.

First of all, the Transit isn’t one size and design for all purposes. It comes in a variety of heights, lengths, and interior design possibilities. It can be long enough to house long industrial or adventure gear (as profiled in the new ad series), or it can comfortably seat more than a dozen passengers (with a lot of headroom, I might add). It’s an amazingly versatile design that helps people perform the function of their jobs. But the new Ford Transit doesn’t leave fashion behind either.

The Transit isn’t one of those swollen behemoths that we’ve gotten used to in industrial settings, dragging cargo across the continent. Invariably, these old models age badly, looking more like something a drifter might live in more than a vehicle for a company to conduct business with. The new ad series for the Ford Transit demonstrates how this is changed with this present design. The Mrs. Fixit company shows just this. It’s a business operated by an attractive middle-aged woman, who looks neat and professional and expects the same from her vehicle, which, wrapped in the logo and branding materials of her company, looks like an extension of her business, not a utilitarian vehicle to haul stuff. The Ford Transit can do the same for any business.

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