The Importance of Training and Development in the Workplace


Proper and correct training is essential in ay workplace, and is necessary in order for employees to do their respective jobs and tasks to the best of their ability. It is also a prime opportunity to expand the base knowledge and skills of employees, however, many employers find that development opportunities are too expensive due to training costs and the fact that employees often miss out on work time whilst attending training sessions. These factors can delay the completion of essential projects, which is why many employers don’t get the most out of implementing further training and development for their staff. However, despite the potential setbacks that can be caused, training and development can provide both the company and individual employees with benefits that make the time and money spent an investment that is worthwhile.

Addressing Weaknesses

It is obvious that the majority of employees will have some weaknesses when it comes to certain areas of their job. Although being weak at some workplace skills does not have as much of an affect as others, training and development opportunities allow employees to not only discover where their weaknesses lie, but to also work on them and develop in order to become better at completing certain tasks. A training program utilizing global business solutions will allow employers to strengthen any workplace skills that each employee is in need of improving.

If each employee has strong, all round workplace skills, this provides for a better working environment and helps to reduce any weak links within the work force who rely heavily on the help and assistance of other employees in order to get a job done. Providing the necessary training helps to create a knowledgeable workforce with employees who can easily take over from one another when needed as well as work independently or as part of a team as required and without help or supervision.

Improved Performance

An employee who has received the necessary training is better able to do their job to the best of their ability. Implementing a training program allows employees to become more aware of proper procedures and safety concerns for even the most basic of tasks. Not only this, but receiving the correct training will improve employees’ confidence, as they will feel that they are properly equipped to do what is required of them.

Improved employee performance also ensures that processes run smoothly and efficiently in the workplace as it will improve the communication and teamwork skills of employees, as well as enabling them to be more adaptable to change – a characteristic that is key in today’s economy. A well-trained, up to date workforce is one that is confident in their abilities and able to complete work to the best standard that is required.


A training and development program that is structured will provide employees with consistent experience and essential background knowledge. As all employees need to be aware of any expectations and procedures within the company that they work for, this consistency is very relevant to the basic policies and procedures of the company. Ensuring that all employees receive regular training in the areas of discrimination, health and safety, and administration ensures that all staff members have been exposed to the required information.

Job Satisfaction

Employees who receive regular training and are given opportunities for development and growth within the company that they work for are more likely to be satisfied in their job than those who do not. Investing in training opportunities shows employees that they are valued, and employees who have access to training and development at work have the advantage over those employees who are left to seek out training and development opportunities on their own. Training and development creates a more supportive workplace, and employees may find that they are able to gain access to training that they would not have been able to had they been left to seek it out by themselves.

Reduced Risks

Ensuring that all employees are properly trained in every aspect of their job, but most importantly in health and safety regulations means that your company is at less of a risk of accidents and other mishaps. Employees who don’t know how to properly report an accident or incident may fail to do so, whilst those employees who have received correct training about proper procedures will be able to do so, in turn allowing the management to note what has gone wrong and any preventative measures that can be taken in the future.

How is training managed at your workplace? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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