Tips To Grow A Tyre Business


Tires assure a profitable avenue when you are looking to set up a business in the automotive sector. Every car has four tires and every tire needs to be replaced at some stage. With so many cars and tires on the road, a tire dealership is no doubt a popular business idea and hence, the industry features a tough competition. However, there are some smart strategies that will help you grow your tire business to its full potential.

Before getting on with the strategies, experts always advise to set up your marketing plan. You should have the objectives charted out for the next few months, so that you have a road map to guide your journey. It’s not uncommon to get lost along the way if you don’t have your marketing objectives clearly laid out. So, make sure to come up with your goals beforehand.


Your customers would vary and so would their tire needs. If you really want to make it big and appeal to the masses, you have to equip your inventory with a diverse range of tires for every make and model- so that you are able to cater to all forms of customers. There should be something for everyone in your store.

Offer something extra

The competition in the lucrative tire industry is fierce. Selling tires alone may not be enough to ensure your survival. You have to offer something extra, something that other dealers are not offering to establish a competitive edge in the market. It could be as simple as vacuuming carpets or cleaning windows for free, or offering tire pressure gauges at no charge. People love the extra attention and your additional offerings would do a lot to make them remember you.

Courtesy cars

Although tires can usually be fitted within an hour while the customer waits, what if your customer is in a hurry and has a sudden emergency appointment while they are getting their tires fitted? Well, you can be the guardian angel of your customer by offering them a courtesy car. One of the award winning tire dealers admitted that the courtesy car concept has helped him greatly to pull in a huge traffic. The main thing here is to care for customer convenience. If the customer understands that you care for them, they are bound to visit you again and can even spread the word about you.

Capitalize on social media

Social networking dominates a fair share of communication today and your marketing efforts over popular social media sites would help a lot in engaging your customers. Run survey polls on your social media page to understand customer expectations from your store. Chat with your existing clients online to strengthen your rapport and remember that people generally go back to familiar faces. You can also announce your discount offers online.


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