Top Five Tips for Successful Packing for Your Move


When you are planning a move to a new location, your feeling of excitement can quickly be overturned by the knowledge that you have a stressful task ahead of you. Packing, for one, is considered one of the most stressful chores in any move, even more so if you have acquired a tonne (literally) of items through the years.

But you can take heart: there are ways to make packing a much easier job than you would ever have imagined. Following are a few tips for successful packing for your move:

  1. Pack according to room

The first thing you should do is assess each room in your home or office and begin planning how to go about packing for each room. Rather than do a haphazard job and start packing according to item, it is better to do your packing per room so that when you arrive at your new location, it will be easier to unload and organise your possessions and place them in the proper areas.

  1. Don’t forget to label and put information on the boxes

Once you have begun packing and are finished with a box, don’t forget to label the packed box and specify what items are contained inside. By doing this, you can lessen the chance of anyone opening the box by mistake even before you know where to put it.

  1. Dealing with fragile and heavy items

When packing fragile and heavy items, you should know how to pack them properly. Fragile or delicate items should be individually packed along with lots of padding. You can pad the boxes containing fragile items with newspaper, bubble wrap, or tissue. Heavy items, on the other hand, should be packed in smaller boxes (and also packed individually) so it will be easier to lift them. If you are packing heavier items with lighter ones, make sure to place the heavy items at the bottom.

  1. Where to store your boxes

If you have already finished packing and are days from your actual move, you can move your packed boxes to a garage or other part of the property where they will not be in the way. By doing this, you can ensure that your property will not be overrun with clutter whilst you prepare the final details of your move.

The same is true when you are in the process of unpacking. Place the boxes which are still packed in your new location’s garage or a spare room so you can also avoid clutter in your new location and organise your belongings more efficiently.

  1. Additional packing tips

Whilst it is tempting to fill your packing boxes to the brim, try not to do this. Overfilling your packing boxes can make them too unwieldy and heavy and may increase the likelihood of accidents or even injuries. Make it a point to leave even just a small amount of space in each box so you can add small items later on if necessary.

Additionally, pack your documents and other important paperwork together in one box, and label the box accordingly. When you arrive at your new location, unpack these first and store them in a safe place before they become lost in the confusion of unpacking.

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