Use Webinars to Help Your Business Succeed and Grow


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Webinars may sound like some uninspired portmanteau created by bored Internet users but they are actually a very useful invention. They provide a lot of benefits especially for businesses. Webinars fall under the umbrella term “web conferencing,” which represents online collaborative service such as peer-level web meetings. Although most would likely think of a webinar as a seminar conducted online (web + seminar), it is actually mostly described as a live meeting that takes place on the web. Hence, it is more than just a typical seminar. It may also involve demonstrations, an instructional session, presentation, or some form of collaborative endeavor.

So how do webinars help businesses succeed and grow? Are there real benefits in using them? Why should you consider using webinars in your business? Read along to learn more about the wonders webinars can do for your enterprise.

Ways Webinars Are Helping Boost Businesses

  1. Saving Time and Resources

When doing product demonstrations, presentations, and promotions, you will certainly be able to save time and resources if you do everything online. There’s nothing wrong in doing them in person but it’s better if you are able to save time, money, and effort that could be used in other aspects of operating and growing your business.

  1. Reaching Out to New Potential Customers and Investors

In the age of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, it is no longer difficult to look not only for potential customers online; webinars can also attract the interest of potential investors. Aside from being a useful marketing tool, webinars can also help grow a business by being a tool for reaching out to possible investors as well as viable business ideas that may help improve business operations, product conceptualization, or service delivery.

  1. Making Contacts and Building Lists

In addition to saving time and resources when reaching out to potential and current customers, holding webinars also helps in building lists. It allows you to expand your database of contacts or subscribers. As you promote your webinars and attract potential participants, you encounter more people who will be interested in what you are offering. These people add to your list, which consequently gives you more audiences for your marketing or become your new customers.

  1. Raising Brand Awareness

Webinars can be conducted as direct or indirect marketing campaigns. You can hold a webinar about good web design, for example, while inserting some information about your related products and services such as SEO, web hosting, and app development. This kind of approach in marketing even has the advantage of being memorable to audiences because of how they are interlaced with useful information an audience wouldn’t regret knowing.

  1. Training Social and Interpersonal Skills

If you conduct your own webinars, you will most likely hone your interpersonal skills and become more skilled in dealing with people. Webinars help train you in interfacing with different kinds of personalities. They help you become more adept in connecting with people. The time you spend talking to some audience, doing presentations, or sharing information and insights are definitely not going to become a waste. At the very least, the time you spend doing webinars can serve as opportunities for learning and improvement. You will not only learn new information as you prepare your webinar content, you also get to hone your speaking, presentation, and interaction skills.

  1. Increasing Sales

Lastly, webinars can help raise sales. Media monitoring company Mention claims to have made $10,000 in just two hours after their initial webinar. There are many other companies that can prove how webinars can be effective tools for increasing sales.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Webinars

Webinars, especially those facilitated by reliable and quality webinar platforms, provide many advantages. In addition to the benefits inferred by the list above, webinars can also add value to a brand, create a lasting impression, and serve as a highly effective method for internal and external communication and information dissemination.

  • Adding Brand Value – By using webinars, you are able to assert expertise and create a sense of authority in your field. You are differentiating yourself from others in the competition by showing that you have extensive knowhow about what you are offering and that you are not simply marketing products or services you don’t really know anything much about. Similarly, consultants and experts get to showcase their knowledge and experience through webinars and establish a favorable brand or reputation.
  • Creating a Lasting Impression – Compared to other marketing efforts, webinars tend to have a longer lasting impression. If you want to create a bigger impact with your marketing efforts, it is advisable turning to webinars. Modern featured enriched webinar tools make it significantly easier to conduct impactful presentations or demonstrations. Add to this the fact that webinars can be easily recorded for future uses.
  • Effective Internal and External Communication – Needless emphasizing, webinars also enable effective internal and external communication particularly when it comes to doing trainings, presentations, and demonstrations. This does not provide a direct contribution to growing a business but it facilitate more efficient operations that lead to better business outcomes.
  • Lower Expenses, Risks – Webinars are not difficult to prepare and conduct and are also inexpensive. Given all the benefits it can offer, there’s just no compelling reason not to try it. Why do you have to move from one location to another to conduct demonstrations or presentations if you can just bring your target audience together through a webinar platform and achieve virtually the same results with less effort, cost, and time?

Webinar ROI

It’s difficult to precisely measure the ROIs of webinars but there’s no doubt that they yield returns on investments at rates typically higher than those of most other investments to augment operations. Major international companies have conducted studies on the savings and returns they get from their webinar system investments and they glowing figures to show off. Avon, for example, estimates that they have had around $10 million in operating cost savings after putting up a webinar channel for their representatives. Storage device maker Seagate also achieved great results after using webinars to assemble speakers from various locations for their webcasts and related marketing efforts.

In sum, webinars help businesses grow by enhancing marketing efforts and improving operations efficiency. Investing in a webinar or web conferencing system is also not costly but the returns are excellent. There’s no reason not to give it a try especially when most businesses nowadays already have fast Internet access. All that is needed is a good webinar platform and the initiative and creativity to create engaging and impactful webinars.

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