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Virtually There – The Emerging Virtual Business Revolution

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Imagine that your entire office runs from a cloud system with workers located across the continent or the globe. You have a receptionist answering your calls and planning your daily meetings from a virtual office with a phone number and address of your choosing. No, you haven’t accidentally stumbled onto the plot of the next Black Mirror episode—virtual businesses are a thing of the present. They have become a burgeoning tool within a multitude of different industries, and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. Here’s why:

You Can Portray a Professional Image from Anywhere in the World

The clients you’re targeting hold their vendors to the highest standards. They may know that you provide a quality product or service, but being seen as a small operation can negatively impact the trust factor. That’s where a virtual office comes in. A  virtual office gives you a prominent address, mail service, and telephone answering services and use of meeting rooms at a fraction of the cost of a physical office and without the logistical headache. It’s the perfect solution for the small businesses looking to make a big impact.

Anyone Can Benefit from Using a Virtual Office

A business of any size from any industry can reap the rewards of utilizing a virtual office. If you’re a large company who already has a prestigious office location, you can use a virtual office to make calls from any area code of your choosing. This is the perfect tool for marketing to your target geographical locations areas using a local area code.

Anyone who owns a small business can have all of the benefits of an impressive office address without all of the hassle and expense. If you’re working from a small home office, you can have your own dedicated number, address, and live receptionist. This will give your business a more professional image, create more legitimacy, and also decrease your workload by providing you with a virtual secretary.

If you travel frequently, operate a business overseas, or do not require a permanent location from which to conduct your business, a virtual office can be an outstanding tool to help you appear more professional and prominent.

Startups Become Full-Fledged Businesses

If you want to experience the business equivalent of seeing your child grow up before your eyes, it pays to investigate the virtues of a virtual office as a startup company. You gain instant credibility within your industry when you have a physical office address and a local number, which is a benefit that few start-ups can afford without significant investments. If you’re looking to get your business off the ground, consider a virtual office the ultimate springboard.

You can even hire a virtual receptionist to help you complete daily, menial tasks that shouldn’t require your attention. With your virtual receptionist, you can focus on building your business and completing the tasks that you love rather than answering calls and taking messages.

Communicate More Effectively

Even if you aren’t quite ready for a virtual assistant or receptionist, you can still benefit from the enhanced communication tools offered in a virtual office. Many include services such as outbound calling, voicemail, live phone answering, automated answering, and text-to-voice (and vice versa) translation services. Add in video conference tools and services, and you’re looking at a great list of ways to enhance communication with clients.

Overall, the virtual office provides invaluable services at an affordable price. They can benefit small businesses, travelers, and home businesses the most by providing them with large-company services minus the large-company investment.

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