What To Consider When Choosing An Importer Of Record

When proper clearance of materials is not secured at foreign customs it can cause serious and costly delays, sparking chaos for the clients overseas in need of the goods to do business, as well as for the entity that is shipping them. In the case of technologies like computer software and IT equipment, extra caution must be taken. These materials are treated with great scrutiny at the border of most countries and when technologies are leased, not purchased outright, the exporter or technology reseller must find a trustworthy partner (most often an importer of record) to sign off on and take responsibility for the goods.


An importer of record will have a point of presence and be a local tax-paying entity in the country the reseller is shipping to, they will also have expert knowledge of their customs laws, rules and regulations. The most helpful importers will use this expertise to take some of the heavy paperwork off the shoulders of resellers and include this as part of their service. They may prepare commercial invoices, freight delivery waybills and other forms of customs support documentation like special permits or licences. They recognize that when the correct documentation is prepared the first time around, the expensive assets clear faster.

Furthermore, a strong importing service will be recognized in multiple places around the globe. TecEx for example is one global distributions partner with a point of presence in over 120 countries, they may retrieve value-added tax from 40 of these countries within 6 months of clearance (saving their clients great costs in the long term). They also offer transparency and only charge landed-cost quotes irrespective of any changes that are made to the foreign country’s legislature once the process begins. An importer of record should also be reliable and guarantee timely clearance, ideally within 10 days of approving a reseller’s quote.

When a reseller does not have the privilege of having their personnel on the ground in the receiving country, ensuring the equipment is seen safely to its destination, they should see whether the IOR company can to provide them with that peace of mind. The importer should at the very least be willing to liaise with the forwarder or freight service once the shipment clears to ensure it reaches its high-profile clients on time. A pro-active service will show exactly where in the process a shipment is, and they should be eager to discuss any discrepancies with clients. They will take a hands-on approach in alleviating concerns or accommodating special requests.

If you’re a reseller looking to ship technologies overseas, choose an importer of record that understands the complexities of cross border transactions, one that will offer you speed, compliant clearance, and assistance should you require it. Finally, choose one that you can continue working with, whose services are available in a multitude of countries you’re shipping to so that you may foster a strong, integrated, and reliable working relationship while taking the stress and hassle away from the importing and exporting process.

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