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When Privacy’s at Stake: 4 Ways to Protect Sensitive Customer Data


Your company’s server is filled with confidential information. Should an employee’s computer get hacked, this can compromise the future of the entire company. With the amount of information on the line nowadays, protecting your customers’ data is essential. 

Hackers are Everywhere

The reason companies invest so much money in protection services is because hacking sensitive information is easy. Every day, nearly 230,000 computer systems are hacked. That doesn’t account for the personal computers who experience viruses and other breaches. Quite the hefty number!

In order to protect your sensitive information, especially if your company handles client data, you need to invest in strong privacy applications. This will help your company avoid liabilities and protect your customer’s information.

If you’re a business owner and you want to protect your company, implement these tips and tricks to enhance security.

  1. Let Your Employees Know How to Protect Their Information

Your employees have direct access to your customer’s information. Therefore, it’s important to educate them on best security practices. One way to do this is to urge your employees not to use their personal devices for business. If their personal computer isn’t up to date on malware protection, they’re setting themselves up for failure. In addition, educate your employees on what the best practices are for keeping confidential information within the company.

  1. Create a Division Between Sensitive and Insensitive Data

If you create a locked folder containing sensitive information, it minimizes the chance for breaches and mistakes. Classify each folder as public or private to provide clarity for your employees. Information that should not be accessed outside of your place of business should be locked and only opened via a specific passcode.

  1. Invest In Data Encryption

This may seem like a super-techy activity. However, it’s actually quite simple. Encrypt your information by creating security measures around your sensitive information. This will protect your data comprehensively. In order for this data to work on specific networks, it needs to undergo special encryption. This extra step will drastically help your company.

  1. Update Your Passwords

It’s important to update your company passwords every month. This eliminates the risk of outside infiltration. Today, many computer systems recommend passwords that are hard to uncover. Use these to add further protection. Then, have your employees update this password monthly. This will keep all of their sensitive information protected for years to come.

Education is Key

Although we live in a technologically advanced society, much sensitive information is exchanged over the phone. This may seem harmless but, hackers are very tricky. Your employees need to understand how to protect sensitive information over the phone.  Ivernet offers security with telephone transactions. Your company will be equipped from all angles to dodge potential threats.

Keeping your company’s information protected is imperative to the future of your company. Educate your employees on best practices. This will keep them abreast of industry changes. Make information security a priority to help protect not only your customers, but your business as well.

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