Afghanistan Rebuilding Costs Encourage Local Entrepreneurship

The cost of rebuilding the war torn nation of Afghanistan has soared to unprecedented levels in recent years. This has caught the attention of native born entrepreneurs, such as Ehsanollah Bayat. Many Afghanis who initially fled the country during the time of the Soviet invasion or the succeeding despotic regime of the Taliban, have returned to offer their services to their native people. Their efforts to improve the living conditions of Afghanistan have met with resistance from some, but are encouraging nonetheless.

Afghanistan Rebuilding

The Cost Of Rebuilding In Afghanistan

A recent survey conducted by the United States government conformed that the total amount of time, effort, and money spent on rebuilding Afghanistan has exceeded the amount spent on post-World War Two Europe under the Marshall Plan. Over the course of the past dozen years, the brunt of the cost of rebuilding the Central Asian nation has devolved on Western tax payers, particularly American and British.

Paying The Price To Rebuild A War Torn Nation

American tax payers have furnished over 100 billion dollars, while British tax payers have ponied up to the tune of nearly a billion. The above mentioned report also listed many of the issues that caused the cost of rebuilding to spiral well beyond the figure projected at the start of the campaign. Corruption, wastefulness, and ignorance have unfortunately contributed more than their fair share of inertia.

However, this is not the end of the story. While the initial findings of the report may serve to discourage some Westerners, particularly potential investors, from spending time or money in the region, it should be pointed out that these same figures give credence to a theory that has long been making the rounds of wealthy Afghan emigres: Charity, and by extension, civilization begins at home.

Native Entrepreneurship Is Making A Difference

Native entrepreneurship is making a positive in Afghanistan. To put it simply, what people is better qualified for the job than the Afghans themselves? Wealthy citizens who have spent time in the West and other technologically advanced regions of the world have learned the skills required to slowly but surely put Afghanistan back on its feet.

However, rebuilding takes time, as well as money. Local entrepreneurs have come up against extreme resistance from Taliban extremists, as well as the despair and resignation of weary fellow citizens. The task set in front of these brave and resourceful philanthropists and business people is to regain the trust of their countrymen, as well as take the reins of rebuilding the devastated infrastructure of the nation.

Afghan Citizens Are Rebuilding The Nation

Slowly but surely, the work of rebuilding is carrying on in Afghanistan. The charge of defending and protecting the country against the encroachments of native extremists and foreign foes is being delegated to the security forces under the control of the government in Kabul.

Meanwhile, efforts to rebuild the country’s infrastructure have become more and more a concern for native Afghans, many of whom are joining forces to provide running water, electricity, and other basic utilities to the nation. Native born entrepreneurs are playing a huge part in providing these and other elements of modern civilization to the country. While the task of restoring Afghanistan to the rank of a respectable and independent nation remains a daunting one, these entrepreneurs deserve high praise for their noble work.

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