This Independence Day, I’d like to give a virtual toast to all of you who have chosen freedom from corporate life to pursue your own vision of independence.

The pursuit is not always easy- in fact, it can be quite an uphill battle sometimes. There’s no employer to subsidize your health care costs and no paid sick days or holidays.  There’s no punching out at 5:00 and leaving your troubles at the office.  For the solo entrepreneur, there is no team of coworkers to offer a pat on the back for a job well done. There is no ready-made marketing team to bring you leads and no ready-made sales team to convert your leads into sales.

There’s no sitting back and getting comfortable in a fast moving business world. Getting comfortable means not progressing forward and that means moving backward. Constantly stepping outside of your comfort zone must become routine.

The budding startup entrepreneur must wear so many hats, acting as a web designer, marketer, sales person, customer service person, book keeper, lawyer, accounts receivables manager, and find inspiration from within while juggling all of these tasks.

It can be tough. But in the end, you are free.

Free to choose your own destiny
Free to take your vision in any direction you imagine
Free to act in a way that is in line with your personal philosophy
Free to set your own schedule
Free to earn an income that is defined only by your boundaries
Free to make a substantial impact on the world
Free to align your work with your life goals

So here’s to freedom and to all of you fellow entrepreneurs out there who feel that freedom is worth fighting for.

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