Why France Can Be A Great Business Opportunity

If you’re looking to expand your UK operations into Europe and aren’t sure where to head first, then France could be your best bet. This nation offers a wealth of great business opportunities and also many advantages for future developments. To find out what these involve and also some useful tips on how to effectively start working with France, take a look at this post.

Why France Can Be A Great Business Opportunity

A Variety of Sectors

Firstly, France’s large size and population, as well as its number of major cities, means there’s a huge variety of sectors. They’re also a major exporter of aircraft parts, industrial machines, different foods and minerals – so again this shows how much choice is on offer.

Fewer Restrictions

As France is also currently partnered with the UK as a fellow EU member state, it means that there are fewer restrictions on doing business here. Preferential trade agreements allow for freer movement of goods, so if you’re looking to work with another business or use a French supplier, then setting this up should be relatively easily.

A Strong GDP

Economically, France is also one of the strongest countries in the world, currently ranking sixth. This is added peace of mind in that the country has financial security and a solid foundation for building a business.

A Gateway to the EU

Looking to the future, the other great thing about France is it offers you easier access to the rest of Europe. It connects directly to several major countries such as Germany, Spain and Italy providing you with more affordable transportation options should you look to expand.

Business Advice

Like working with any foreign nation there are a few things you can do to make the process much simpler:

  • You should look to hire a translator to setup communications with French partners
  • If you’re looking to move goods, you should use an established international parcel delivery service, such as these from Parcels Please
  • You need to thoroughly research the markets and demographics of your chosen target area to make sure you’re filling the right gaps
  • When pitching, make sure you tailor your products or services to match the cultural attitudes of the French markets

With all this in mind, the wise move would be to start looking for these business opportunities in France now, before the Brexit situation makes it more complicated and challenging. When you do, you’ll be stepping into a potentially very lucrative European market that sees your business go from strength to strength.

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