Five Careers for Imaginative People with a Business Background


An Editor of a Business Magazine

A creative business person would likely enjoy a career as an editor of a business magazine. An editor decides which articles go into the final edition of the magazine. Also, the editor proofreads articles and makes any necessary changes. This is an ideal job for someone who enjoys having a lot of control over his or her tasks at work. The person’s business knowledge combined with his or her creative talents can make a business magazine or business website an appealing read for subscribers.

Management Positions

There are many positions available for capable managers in the world of business. Managers are needed at companies, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels as well as many other places. The best way to jumpstart a management career is to become a management trainee in a program as it accelerates it from a 10 year to a 2 to 3 year process. A creative business person can attend a management training program to garner the leadership and organizational skills necessary to succeed as a manager. Furthermore, a business person can use his or her creativity to think of better and more efficient ways to run a particular department of a company. Also, creative skills come into play when dealing with employee as well as customer service issues. Managers with creative thinking skills can enjoy a lot of success in their work.

A Business Writer

A business writer creates articles on all types of topics. Finances, management, insurance, the stock market, investments, and retirement are just a few of the topics a business writer may delve into. A creative business person has the skills to explain complicated issues in a palatable way. While some business writers work for magazines, websites, and newspapers others are freelance and write for a variety of publications. A freelance business writer with a reputation for succinct, interesting articles will likely find work on a regular basis.

A Personal Financial Advisor

The job of a personal financial advisor is to offer guidance to individuals regarding their financial portfolios. From independent firms to giants like Vanguard you have an opportunity to create financial security for people. A client may need help planning for retirement or handling his or her investments in a wiser way. A personal financial advisor must be creative when working with a client with very few resources. The advisor has to devise ways that the client can accumulate more money in a shorter amount of time especially if the person plans to retire soon. This sort of personal financial advisor is someone who thinks ‘out of the box.’ In short, he or she utilizes unconventional ideas to get positive results.

A Marketing Manager

Finally, the main job responsibility of a marketing manager is to stir up interest in a particular product. A company may hire a marketing manager to devise ways to advertise a new product that will everyone will want to have in their home. This presents an appealing challenge to a creative business person. This person would likely push aside traditional methods of advertising and come up with some fresh advertising techniques! The person would likely find it rewarding to find imaginative ways to introduce a new product to the public.

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