Safety and Your Small Business: Protect Your Customers and Your Assets, Too

hands-908165_640Creating a safe and healthy working environment should always be a priority regardless of the size of your business, and it should help to protect your assets and your customers too.

Providing workers comp and using the guidance of someone like where needed, is one way to protect your business, and there are a number of other key factors to look at as well.

The issue of safety is good for business

There are some estimates around that suggest your business could save as much as $6 for every $1 invested in a health and safety program.

If those figures are anywhere near accurate, and they have been costed out, then there is a powerful argument to suggest that the issue of safety is good for your business and a forward-thinking strategy is an investment that promises to pay excellent dividends.

As well as lowering costs through an effective health and safety program, which will help you to fulfill your obligations and duty as an employer and protect your workers from injury and illness in the workplace, it can also be viewed as a good business strategy.

The cost of an accident or work-related injury can soon escalate out of control, which is why the smart money is always on abiding by guidelines issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and reinforcing with extra measures where appropriate.

Tailored to your particular business

There are standard safety practices than can be applied across most industries and most of these are simple common sense and a proactive awareness of potential dangers, but there will always be measures that will need to be tailored to your particular business.

Although you may operate within a specific industry where practices are fairly uniform, there will almost always still be aspects of your business and your workplace environment that are distinctly unique, which is why you have to aim to develop a safety culture and a set of practices that address these safety issues.

You should ideally be looking to develop a safety and health system which is embraced and adhered to by all layers of management and the workforce in its entirety. There needs to be a system of hazard prevention and safety measures that are continually being enforced and observed, whilst also evolving through ongoing training and evaluation.

Conduct a worksite analysis

If you have not already done so, there needs to be an audit and analysis of your current working practices, so that you can identify and eliminate any existing or potential hazards.

Your business can request a free OSHA consultation visit if you are looking for some guidance on how to achieve good safety compliance and what steps need to be taken to give your workers the protection that they need.

A safe workforce is often a happy workforce, which can only be good for business, so make sure you address any safety issues, as it is a practice and a philosophy that often influences your bottom line in a positive way.

Kyle Holden is a small business consultant and is often surprised at how often customer safety is overlooked. He encourages everyone to have policies in place and gives tips on what to do.

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