The Business Luncheon: Ways to Avoid Drinking and Driving

You’re out at a luncheon or meeting. And, you’re offered a drink. What do you do? Here’s how to have fun with the boss without getting behind the wheel drunk.

Choose A Designated Driver

A lot of accidents are caused because people don’t think. It’s a sad situation, and people end up injured or killed over it. So, even setting aside all the gory details and statistics about the thousands of people killed because of drunk driving, and, a Manhattan personal injury and accident lawyer who deals with these cases and will end up facing you in court if you’re convicted of DWI, here’s the simple truth: You are an immediate danger the second you take a sip from your glass (when it’s filled with alcohol).

Doesn’t matter how “in control” you think you are. You’re not. Period.

Every single scientific study shows that every single human being suffers cognitive impairment under the influence of alcohol. It’s the nature of the substance and how it affects the human brain. We may all metabolize it slightly differently, but it affects everyone.

So, make sure that you have a designated driver before you take one sip if you’re going to drink at the luncheon.

This person should be someone who won’t be drinking and will be responsible for you. That means, you hand them your keys before you drink.

Wait At Least Two Hours After One Drink

If you do drink, and you won’t be drinking much, and you are actually in control of your drinking, then you can still drive after you’ve been drinking. The caveat is that you should wait at least one hour after each and every drink before you have another. And, you need to wait at least two hours before you drive (assuming you spaced out your drinks appropriately). It takes roughly one hour to metabolize half the alcohol from your body.

Said another way, for every drink you consume, you add .02% BAC to your blood. An hour of metabolizing it removes 0.01% from your body. Two hours should remove most or all of it. And, if you want to be safe, wait three hours.

Now, at a luncheon, you probably don’t have that long. Meaning, if you are going to drink, drink one drink, wait two hours, and then test your BAC with a portable meter before getting in your vehicle and driving.

Drink Non-Alcoholic Beverages

The obvious solution (and the best one), is to not drink at all during the meeting. First of all, if you have to go back to work, even after a few hours, the alcohol has had a serious drain (probably) on your motivation and energy levels (it’s a depressant). So, you’re probably not going to be as productive.

Secondly, it’s just plain hard to drink and clear it from your system before you go back to work. So, even if you don’t have to drive, you could still be a danger to others if you have to operate heavy machinery, or if you have to get real work done around the office.

Ethan Doyle has worked in the business world since leaving school too many years ago! He has most recently discovered a penchant for writing, and of an evening can be found writing articles for business websites.

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