SaaS Can Help a Company Avoid 5 Cash Forecasting Mistakes


In order to run a successful company, an entrepreneur has to be able to forecast the ebb and flow of his or her business’s cash. Money surprises are never a good idea! Software as a Service (SaaS) can help an owner avoid at least five mistakes, by giving him or her tools needed to maintain a realistic view of the company’s financial standing at all times.

  1. An Owner Must Notice Changes in Receivables and Payables

Company owners must set up optimal levels for their accounts receivables and payables. This should be done through financial strategizing, dictated by their cash forecasting. If they simply grow their accounts receivable and payable along with their sales, they could wind up with unexpected errors. SaaS programs can automate invoices, bill paying, and record all transactions immediately so balances are kept current.

  1. An Entrepreneur Must Protect Company’s Credit Score

With accurate cash forecasting, company owners can predict when lean and/or strong financial times will occur, and so can plan for them. When unexpected surprises and shortfalls occur, a business owner might not have enough money on hand to pay bills. Late payments can lead to a reduced credit score, which can in turn lead to increased interest rates and difficulties borrowing. When transactions are automated with a SaaS system, forecasting is easier and these mistakes are less likely to happen.

  1. A Company Must Course-Correct

When cash flow is correctly predicted, course corrections can occur seamlessly. SaaS can give owners accurate predictions, because real time data is always available. Because cloud-based programs are accessible at any time and from any location, course corrections can occur whenever the need arises.

  1. A Company Must Save for Emergencies and Retirement

It’s crucial to have an emergency fund saved up to cover unexpected business expenses, as well as to stockpile money for retirement. A Software as a Service application can handle automatic savings deposits, track progress in savings and retirement accounts, and because transactions are recorded as soon as they occur, a business owner will always know his or her financial standing.

  1. A Business Needs a Flexible Accounting System

Businesses need flexible accounting programs that can expand or contract, depending on the ebb and flow of their customer base. Integrated cloud-based SaaS systems have unlimited memory, storage space, and can flex and/or adapt as needed.

Predicting cash flow can keep a company on track. With a SaaS program, forecasting money can happen efficiently and conveniently, which can aid in a company’s financial success.

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