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12 Reasons Why First Aid Training is So Important for Your Business

first aidWhether you run a small or a large business, if you hire employees and deal with the general public then it’s important to have fully first aid trained staff on hand. When you deal with people, anything can happen and it’s important to be fully prepared. If a customer or employee were to be injured, then it would be your responsibility to make sure that they are looked after and attended to until the emergency services turn up.

First aiders in the workplace is a legal requirement, especially if your business involves several high risks, for example, if you own a restaurant where machinery such as ovens can pose a danger. But, even if you only own a shop, for example, you can never be sure that something out of the blue isn’t going to happen. Here are some of the main reasons to always have a trained first aider on every shift.

#1. Insurance Reasons

When it comes to protecting your business, you want to keep unexpected costs as low as possible and try to avoid any costly insurance claims. If a customer were to have an accident as a result of something that has happened in your company, for example, if they slip on wet floor in your shop or choke on their food in your restaurant, this could quickly turn into a big insurance claim for you if no first aider is present. Having somebody there who is trained in what to do quickly and effectively can rectify the situation and minimize damage to the affected person, which is important for everybody involved.

#2. Save Lives

Simply put, a main reason to invest in first aid training for your employees is that it can literally save lives. Would you know what to do if a customer or colleague were to suffer a heart attack on the premises, for example? Heart attacks, strokes, and other conditions can happen at any time, so it’s important to make sure that your company is fully prepared to deal with this and that somebody who knows the best action or steps to take is on hand. The National CPR Foundation offers first aid and CPR training, which could come in extremely useful if such an incident were to happen in your workplace.

#3. Safety and Reassurance

If you want to run a good business that is respected by many, then the first step is to look after your employees. This is especially true if your employees are working with dangerous machinery or equipment every day that could pose a risk to their health or well-being. Having trained first aiders on hand will offer some sense of safety and reassurance to your employees that if something happens to them whilst they are at work, somebody will be around who can help.

#4. Legal Responsibility

Did you know that you have a legal responsibility to your staff when it comes to keeping them safe in the workplace? Whether you employ just a few people or have an organisation with hundreds of staff, you’re legally required to make sure that a first aider is present on each shift to help if an accident, injury, or sudden illness happens. And, it’s not just your staff that you’re responsible for – you’ll want to take as much care of your customers who are on the premises, too.

#5. Employee Training

When you give your employees the chance to take a first aid at work course and become a certified first aider for your business, you’re also helping them gain a valuable qualification that could help them both inside and outside of the workplace. Employees who are given the chance to learn something new and improve their skills in work tend to be much happier and a lot more motivated to do well than those who are not. Even something as simple as taking a course in first aid could help to greatly improve productivity, loyalty, and employee satisfaction.

#6. Minimise Risks

When it comes to the risks of an accident happening in the workplace, they are often higher than you may realise. When they enrol on a first aid in the workplace course, your employees will not just learn about what to do if the worst were to happen to an employee or customer – they will also be trained on how to spot risks and what to do if they find a hazard. First aiders are also required to make sure that your workplace first aid kits are fully stocked and up to date; in turn, this will help to keep the risk of an accident happening as low as possible.

#7. Customer Care

If you run a business that allows customers through the doors such as a high street shop or a restaurant, then providing a high standard of customer care is essential. However, customers don’t just want to be served by an employee with a friendly smile whilst taking advantage of the best prices; they want to know that your brand cares about them, their safety, and well-being. Having a fully trained first aider on hand to help if anything goes wrong can help to improve the reputation of your brand and prove to your customers that you care about what happens to them.

#8. People Want to Help

Studies have shown that whilst over half of employees would not feel confident trying to save somebody’s life, over a third of employees would try to help if somebody was injured, even without the proper first aid training. However, if the life of a customer or employee is in danger, then having somebody help who isn’t quite sure what they are doing could lead to further problems and complications; it could even increase the risk. There’s no denying that in a situation where somebody has taken ill or had an accident, there will always be people who are willing to rush to their aid. Take advantage of this by making sure all willing employees have had the proper first aid training and understand exactly what to do should an emergency arise.

#9. More Safety Awareness

Regardless of the type of business that you run, making sure that all your employees are safety aware should be an important part of your plan. By training a number of employees in giving first aid, you can improve the knowledge of your whole workforce. This is because employees who are first aid trained are more likely to spot risks and speak out if they see anybody doing something that could potentially pose a risk or harm them. In turn, each employee will become better aware of the risks and hazards at work, improving the teamwork to minimise them.

#10.  Improve Teamwork

Putting employees through first aid training isn’t just important for keeping your customers and staff members safer the rest of the time, it can also help to improve the morale of your workforce, as it can be an excellent team-building exercise. If you run a large company with several different employees, for example, then undertaking first aid training can be an excellent way for members of staff from different departments to meet and get to know one another; in turn, this can improve and strengthen the team spirit across your company as a whole.

#11. Save Money

Whilst you might think that paying for first aid in the workplace courses for your employees is another cost to deal with, in the long run, having less accidents at work can save you a substantial amount of money. As mentioned earlier, when both customers or employees feel that they have been cared for and looked after adequately in the immediate aftermath of their injury, accident or illness in the workplace, they will be less likely to make a claim against you. Along with this, simply having a team of people in the workplace who are fully first aid trained can help to reduce the number of accidents that occur substantially.

#12. Benefit Society

When you run a business, you don’t just want your brand to be beneficial to those who shop or work there – you want your brand to be a name that benefits society as a whole and is remembered for that. By training your employees in life-saving first aid, you’re not just benefitting your staff and customers, but also society. After they have clocked out, who’s to say that it won’t be an employee of yours who is able to give first aid to somebody in the street, for example, or be the first to help at the scene of an accident and end up saving somebody’s life. There’s no denying that first aid training helps to save lives both inside and outside of work; the more first aid trained employees that you have, the safer a place the world will be.

When it comes to looking after your customers and staff, having trained first aiders is an essential legal requirement that has many benefits for your company and for society.

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