3 Ways To Address Workflow Choke Points

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There’s nothing quite like getting into a good rhythm and putting out your best work. However, today’s workplaces present a plethora of challenges–both physical and mental–that disrupt and distract professionals all over the world. These are called “workflow choke points.”

These choke points have massive implications on the economy. In the US alone, unproductive employees cost the economy a massive $600 billion annually. If left unchecked, this can translate to losses in sales and operations, declines in customer satisfaction, and delays in projects.

Thankfully, companies like JJ Bender provide office equipment and assistance to mitigate office delays and promote efficient workplaces.

Need help being productive? Here are 3 Ways To Address Workflow Choke Points.

  1. Get Rid Of Office Interruptions

According to the Washington Post, the average office worker is interrupted every 3 minutes. Distractions can come from other coworkers, social media, emails, text messages, bosses, and several others. These distractions cause interruptions that can take up to 23 minutes to make up for. Furthermore, this can amount to 31 hours a week lost in productivity and opportunity cost.

Curb office interruptions by devoting a portion of your day to undivided, concentrated, and focused work. Start by keeping away your phone, closing social media sites, and turning off email notifications. If you’re having difficulty doing this, software like Self-Control and Track-Time can help you track your usage and block distracting apps and websites for a fixed period of time. Just input how much time you need the apps and websites blocked and the app will do the rest.

However, if it’s your coworkers are distracting you, keep a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door. Unless it’s a life or death situation, they can wait. Meanwhile, you can get a lot of productive work done while you stay focused.

  1. Automate Your Office Equipment

The modern office calls for modern equipment and software. While new equipment and software might take some getting used to, it’ll pay off once you do.

Automating your office is a sure fire way to eliminate choke points. Instead of sticking to old equipment that kills productivity and diminishes efficiency, update your office for the future. Equipment like remote printers, task management software, digital calendars, online databases, and others can speed up tasks while getting rid of time wasting activities.

Find updating your equipment and software too expensive? Invest in some used equipment in good condition. Whether it’s a used hp indigo printer or ergonomic office furniture, you can find units that are barely used and in good condition on the internet.

  1. Outsource Repetitive Tasks

20% of the work you do yields 80% of the results. The remaining 80% of effort goes into 20% of the results. Focus on the work that matters and outsource the rest, especially tasks that are manual and repetitive.

Need something typed or transcribed, hire freelancers through websites like UpWork, ELance, and Hubstaff for a good price. Freelancers from countries like Thailand, India, Cambodia, and the Philippines can get work done for the fraction of the cost of a first-world employee. By doing this, you’ll have more time on your hands to think, plan, strategize, and execute for higher-level tasks. With a renewed schedule, you’ll be able to bring more creativity and insight to your job.

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