4 reasons why safety skills are so highly prized


Businesses need skilled workforces in order to succeed, and some of the most highly prized skills among staff members relate to safety. Personnel who are trained in how to protect their own wellbeing and that of their co-workers make a hugely valuable contribution to the companies they work for. Here are four of the reasons why firms consider these abilities to be so important.

  1. Protecting personnel

First and foremost, employees who have the necessary health and safety skills can help to prevent injuries and illnesses among workers. From slip and trip hazards to dangerous substances and electrical risks, a whole range of dangers can exist in even seemingly benign working environments. By making sure that their members of staff are trained in health and safety issues, bosses can control these hazards and keep their employees out of harm’s way. There are now a wide range of training courses on offer that can help workers to uphold health and safety best practice. For example, SHEilds IOSH qualifications are aimed at ensuring people employed in positions of responsibility, like line managers, understand the relevant safety requirements.

  1. Staying on the right side of the law

Staff members with safety skills can also help businesses to remain on the right side of the law. Employers are obliged to take suitable precautions to prevent their employees from being injured or becoming ill as a result of their work, and fulfilling these legal requirements can be difficult if companies lack personnel with the relevant knowledge. By paying careful attention to risk management, safety experts can save their employers from potentially serious legal action.

  1. Safeguarding reputations

On a related point, these specialists often prove vital in helping to safeguard companies’ reputations. Any slip in safety standards can prove to be a PR disaster for businesses, so by preventing these problems from occurring, the experts can play a crucial role in protecting their employer’s brand image.

  1. Boosting staff morale

Another major benefit of having safety experts within businesses is the role they play in boosting staff morale. When people are at work, they expect their employers to look after their wellbeing. If they suspect managers are neglecting their duties and putting them at risk, they can feel resentment, anger and anxiety. In contrast, if they know that their health is being protected, they should feel happier and more confident in their roles.

Given the importance of effective safety skills, it’s not hard to understand why managers place such a high value on them.

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