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5 tips to be as productive as possible at your workspace

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Many factors can cause us to lose productivity when working no matter what kind of business or function you utilize your office space for, so having it running smoothly is essential to being successful.  These 5 tips will help you organize your space and avoid running into problems that take you away from being able to work seamlessly:

Stock up on high quality supplies monthly

One of our greatest distractions is when we need to grab something quickly, while working and we discover that we´ve run out or broken whatever it was that we needed because it was of poor quality.  Buying good quality supplies on a regular basis, such as t50 stainless staples and long stick post it notes, can make all the difference.

Organize your office

One of the most common ways to decrease productivity in your space is if you leave it messy and disorganized.  Post it notes everywhere, files slung on the desk in absolutely no order and coffee stains from the table decorating any paper that goes near them meaning you need to reprint them  All of these things will affect you greatly when trying to be productive.  It´s highly recommended that you organize your space neatly, keeping files and papers in some kind of order suited to you, making them easy to find. However, sometimes just completing a quick tidy won’t work, especially if there’s dirt and germs around the office. Often, the best solution is for companies/ employers, to organise a regular janitorial service from specialists such as Ideal Cleaning, who provide office equipment cleaning alongside their general services. This way, there will be less absences due to illness caused by germs in the office and will have productivity levels at an all time high.

Organize your computer files

As we well know, almost everything we do these days is done on computer, much like the above tip it is essential that you organize the files and programs in your computer so they are easy to locate whenever you need them and you don´t end up accidently deleting them or sending incorrect files.

Structured breaks

Working for long periods of time in the same area without stretching your legs sounds productive, however, for most people the longer they work without a break, the worse their concentration gets and consequently, the worse the work they´re doing becomes.  Something we want to avoid is distractions however having organized breaks while working is essential not only great for productivity but also for your health, getting up and taking a short walk to stretch your legs keeps the blood flowing and avoids health complications that can arise when being stagnant for ours.

Do not disturb

Whether your space is in your home or at the office, a great technique for avoiding and disruptions and getting things done is to place a “Do not disturb” sign somewhere visible to all people thinking of coming and having a chat with you.  It´s almost impossible to get your work done with constant interruptions throughout the day, so putting up this sign could almost eliminate them entirely.

Following these 5 simple tips will ensure the upmost productivity at your office space.  Taking a little bit of time to put into place these changes into place will save you hours in the long-run.

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