5 Ways to Boost Self-Esteem in Your Workplace

 Self-Esteem in Your WorkplaceAny company looking to grow should always look towards the people that make it happen and that is, of course, your workers. From part-time janitorial and maintenance right on up through the Board of Directors, every person has a role to play and each is just as important as the other in its own way.

The best way to get the most out of your team is to empower them to do their best at what they do. So, you ask, how do you do that? The answer is quite simple really. Boost their self-esteem. Those who feel good about themselves do better in every aspect of their lives. Here are five ways to boost self-esteem in the workplace.

1. Express Trust in Their Abilities

Whenever possible step back and let your team do their jobs. If you are continually standing over their shoulder watching their every move, they will soon fear you don’t trust their abilities. You can express your trust in them, non-verbally, by standing back and watching from afar. A little bit of trust often goes a very long way.

2. Give Them Opportunities for Growth

A good company director will provide ample opportunities for growth in the workplace, both on a personal and professional level. Put HR to the task of finding out what motivates your crew. You may be surprised that some of your employees have always longed to get a driving license. Why not help them discover ways to learn, help them find a driving school and perhaps match their fees on a 50-50 percentage. If they don’t have a computer at home to practice the theory test, offer to let them use a company machine on their off hours to do the practice theory test like the ones offered at the Top Tests site.

3. Recognise Their Efforts through Constructive Criticism

Some bosses and team leaders haven’t yet learned the art of constructive criticism. As the old saying goes, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar so think carefully before expressing displeasure in a job not completed up to standards. Instead of saying “You did this wrong,” you could try something like, “I see you tried and I like that. Maybe next time you could do this…” Some of your best and most talented employees may also be your most vulnerable to criticism so speak carefully.

4. Workshops and Teambuilding Activities

Bringing in teambuilding pros and providing workshops and team building activities also helps to build self-esteem in the workplace. As your staff learns to work better together by playing better together, they will start to feel better about their role within the company as well as their own personal ability to get along with others. As social creatures, our ability to get along in a group seriously affects the way we view ourselves. You can boost self-esteem in the workplace by helping your team learn to work together as peers, not as competitors.

5. Awards and Recognition

Finally, periodic awards and public recognition for a job well done is the ultimate self-esteem booster. Even those who are shy and tend to steer clear of the limelight get a sense of personal gratification by being recognised by the boss. It needn’t be much but to be recognised for their accomplishments spurs them on to bigger and better achievements.

As each member of your company begins to grow as a person and within the team, you will see that productivity will also grow. Build your company up by building self-esteem in the workplace. It’s one of the surest paths to success there is. Self-esteem and success go hand-in-hand.

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