A Smart Game for Prioritizing Your Goals

A lot of smart bloggers like Jonathan and Nate have been talking about goals and making them public on their blog.

If you’re like me, you may have so many goals that trying to figure out which one to pursue first can become crippling to the point of halting progress.With about 3 major goals looming, I had been doing a fantastic job of not making real progress on any of them because I hadn’t clarified to myself which one was most important.

In his book The On-Purpose Person: Making Your Life Make Sense : A Modern Parable, Kevin McCarthy maps out a smart, yet incredibly simple solution to prioritizing goals called the draw system. This is a game kind of like Famousr, but for your goals.

The object is to first list out your top ten goals in various categories such as work, personal, fun, etc all of the areas needed to create a balanced life.Your goals from different categories will not be going head to head in a challenge for which is most important, but the top ten items within each main category will.

With the draw system, each goal faces off against one other goal in a draw. The winners move on to the next round until one final goal is victorious. This becomes your next goal to work toward.


Wasting time trying to make a decision about which goal to direct your energies toward is draining and unproductive. I know this because I just spent about 2 months in limbo trying to figure out which direction to take next. I’m happy to say that I have made a decision about which short term personal goal to focus on next and will be moving to a new home by the end of the summer.

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