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According to Forbes Magazine, 74 percent of employees do less work than what they are paid to do. One large reason for this is that companies do not have a proper tracking system to monitor when people are coming to and leaving work or taking breaks. This lack of organization creates a hostile work environment for both management as well as employees.

employee monitoring

Time Clocks

One excellent way to remedy this issue is by using employee time clocks. There are a variety of clocks on the market that could be used to suit the variety of needs of different companies. There are ones that are digital. There also are ones battery-operated which would come in handy where a power outlet would not reach a convenient, centrally-located place within the location. There are clocks which are integrated with systems online which allow for data to be kept and monitored by people in more than just one location. There are even bio-metric clocks that require fingerprint or other types of body analysis to eliminate employees from having others punch in and out for them.

Employee Protection

While this ensures that companies are fully benefiting from the employees on staff, it also ensures that employees are properly compensated for the time that they work. The peace of mind and security of knowing that the employee personally clocked in or out eliminates the need to rely on the short memory of a manager or owner who has countless other responsibilities. If ever there is a question in pay, for instance, being able to go back and look at records that have been documented will allow for a resolution to be found more readily.

Owner Protection

Most states allow for owners to use their own discretion when deciding to staff their companies. However, most business owners with integrity like to have a standard that can be followed and tracked. Having employees clock in and out will make any attendance rules easier to enforce. This way, when discipline is handed out, it can easily be explained and evidence provided as to the reason for this.

Having and using time clocks when dealing with employees just makes good business sense. With all of the options on the market, it is easy to see how business owners as well as employees can work together to make things run smoothly.

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