How Biometric Time Clocks Save the Business Money

Biometric Time Clocks

One of the most profound wastes in a business is that of lost time from employees. Although you would like to believe that all of your staff are honest, a large portion of the work force in the United States will cheat the system if able. In most cases, it will be simply adding a few minutes to time sheets in order to get full paychecks. For example, many people will still claim to be present at 8:00am when they arrived 10 minutes late. While a few minutes may not sound too damaging to the business, consider what you pay over time.

Reducing Fraudulent Time Stamps

Many employees have friends that will clock them in on time even if they’re late. Businesses that rely on hand-written time sheets often experience problems with employees filling out time incorrectly. A biometric employee time clock eliminates this activity. As a business owner, you only pay for the time someone is on-site. This system may not make a person more productive, but the loss of income due to tardiness may get his or her attention to be more professional.

Annual Pay to Late Employees

When you consider the salary you pay your staff, five minutes per day can quickly add up. Your business pays individuals a fair market value for the services they render. If a person is paid $15 per hour, that is $0.25 per minute you’re losing out when he or she is not productive. If the employee modifies the time sheet to show he or she was on location even though they weren’t, your paying for nothing. Over the course of the year, this could add up to hundreds of dollars that is wasted on inaccurate time recording. Since it’s ultimately more difficult to fake biometric scanning than most other systems, it’s one of the most accurate time recording devices for virtually any business.

Companies such as Allied Time provide systems like the biometric time clock reducing the waste of business clients. If a person is not on-site, he or she is not being as productive as you’d like. This is money that can be spent elsewhere to improve the functionality of your business as a whole. Money saved from over-paying employees that are not on the clock can be spent towards marketing, product development and other ventures that enhance the business. Pay your employees for the time they actually work and help keep everyone honest when it comes to the time sheet.

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