Making Windows Work for the Urban Office


Take a look around most major cities and they will be absolutely dominated by offices. This has always been the story although with the economy now on the road to recovery, it would be fair to say that even more companies are parking their headquarters in the big city centers.

While there are plenty of attractions to urban offices, let’s not forget the drawbacks. Particularly if your company is based on the ground floor, there are all sorts of issues that can blight you. Whether its privacy, security, noise or screen glare – the problems are like an avalanche.

Fortunately, there are ways and means to bypass these issues. Let’s start on one of the primary concerns for most businesses – security. In fact, let’s combine this with privacy, as the two issues can go hand-in-hand as you’ll soon see. The main security problem for a ground floor office is that every man and his dog can peer through the glazing. Ultimately, your computer systems are on show, along with everything else. Additionally – any potential criminal can soon see if the office is being occupied or not, before making their move if they’ve struck lucky.

This is where window treatments can be enormously beneficial – if used correctly. For years, we’ve had to shut the curtains or fully draw the blinds to combat the problem, but blinds manufacturers have seemingly caught on and devised a solution. They have now released a top-down bottom-up solution, which works exactly as the name suggests. It can be manipulated from both the top and the bottom meaning that you can block out the “visible” portion of the window, whilst allowing that elusive sunlight to pass through the upper segment.

Next on the agenda is noise. As any office worker will tell you, attempting to work with outside noise blighting your ears is never going to be key for productivity. This is where something like an insulated blind can enter the picture, with these able to block out a lot of noise due to their cellular design. Admittedly, they won’t make your room completely silent, but they will play a part and reduce the levels drastically.

We also touched upon screen glare in the opening section, as this is something else that can hinder the urban office. Light seems to reflect off tall, modern skyscrapers like no tomorrow and this means that your computer screen can suddenly become ambushed and effectively unusable. Again, blinds manufacturers seem to have caught on to the problem though, releasing a product called the solar shade. In simple terms, this blocks out the majority of UV rays and immediately makes your monitor usable again.

As such, it looks as though many of the urban office problems can be resolved relatively easily. The next time your company is in the market for new office space, remember that window treatments can comfortably manage many of the problems that these city blocks are associated with.

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