How to Offset Your Printing Footprint


Wasting paper at the office is terrible for the environment. Every year the average office worker uses ten thousand pieces of paper, which is equivalent to a fir tree 100 feet tall. But not only is using too much paper bad for the environment, it is also terrible for your budget. Paper usage will cost money, up to 31x the cost of purchase – as you will need to pay for storage, copying, printing, postage, disposal and recycling.

So how can you cut down on the paper you use so that you can reduce your environmental impact and cut your costs? Take a look at this informative infographic produced by Stinky Ink Shop. It offers a lot of fascinating facts about paper usage and it offers many solutions for how you can cut down on the amount of paper wasted in your office. For example, Citigroup Financial Services Company figured out that if they used double-sided printing on one sheet of paper every week, the savings for the entire company would be approximately $700,000 annually! That’s a tiny change that really makes a huge difference! Why not give it a try and see how much your business can save in the long term by cutting down on paper?

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