Project Management for Small Businesses


Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers can’t
afford to be disorganized. In order to grow a business from the ground-up, there
is no time or money for time or clients lost to disorganization.

We’ve all been there. When I first began searching for
project management systems, I was completely overwhelmed. The software seemed
bloated, expensive, and more complicated than I needed or wanted to deal with.

However, after a good bit of trial and error, we found 2
project management systems that are perfect for managing 2 different types of
projects. Both are from refreshing web 2.0 technology company
and are simple, intuitive and affordable.

The Challenge: Multiple Projects, Multiple Project

The Unlimited Web Solutions team had the challenge of
managing upward of 20 projects at a time, handled by as many as 8 different
people. The problem was that emails would get lost between the client and all
the different people who needed the information, causing bottlenecks that could
lead to missed deadlines, unanswered emails, and plain and simple mass

The solution

proved to be the ideal solution. Now everyone can communicate in
one place on the Basecamp system and receive emails when updates are made. Now
we never lose documents, images, or communication because they are all in one
central location.


  • $24 a month for 15 active projects
  • $49 a month for 35 active projects
  • $99 a month for 100 active projects
  • $149 a month for unlimited projects

With any of these, there is no limit to the number of
people that can communicate within the projects

The Challenge: Multiple Clients, One or Two

My personal dilemma was managing the assignments for the
50+ companies that I write for. I didn’t really need the full features of
Basecamp because my problem wasn’t communicating with lots of different
people; it was keeping on top of all of those different assignments. I did need
to share the project info with one or two freelancers, but not with the clients

The solution:

, another 37 Signals project was the resource for me. With Backpack,
I can create multiple project “pages,” each that include checklists, notes,
file uploads, images and more. Like with Basecamp, there is a shared calendar
feature to keep everyone and every project on track.


  • Free-  5 projects
  • $5 per month-  25 projects
  • $9 per month- 100 projects
  • $14 per month- 1000 projects

Hopefully these can help you make your business more
effective. They’ve certainly worked for us!

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