The importance of first aid training in the workplace

importance of first aid training in the workplaceHere’s the harsh reality: Accidents happen. Whether at work or at home, there’s no way to tell when an emergency will strike. And when an emergency does arise, will your employees know what to do? In an emergency situation, every second counts and there is no time for hesitation. That’s why you need first aid training in Edmonton.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your employees receive the proper first aid training so that if an accident or emergency were to occur, your employees could spring to action. Although every company’s particular emergency risks may vary, there are some accidents and scenarios that could happen anywhere. Falls, seizures, fainting, heart attacks, choking, etc. – these are all things that can happen anywhere, from an office to a factory. Because of that, it’s beneficial to have several staff members trained in first aid. Doing so offers many benefits, including:

Having someone onsite that can perform emergency, potentially life-saving measures while emergency services are en route.

Research has shown that places of business that have onsite staff trained in first aid are in general safer and incur fewer incidents than those whose employees are not trained in first aid. This is probably because the employees are generally more aware of potential hazards and take steps to reduce risks and to encourage coworkers to think and act with a similar eye toward safety.

Onsite trained staff an act quickly in the event of an accident, which can minimize injury.

Trained first-aiders will know not only where the company first-aid kit is, but also how to use all of the contents.

In addition to their practical first-aid knowledge, trained first aiders will be able to have the confidence and presence of mind to act quickly and assuredly, without hesitation. That can make all the difference when it comes to potentially saving a person’s life.

In most cases, first-aid training doesn’t take long. Most comprehensive courses can be successfully taught and completed over the course of just a few hours. What’s more, most training providers will tailor the training to meet the specific needs of your company so that your employees are trained not only in general first aid such as CPR and how to dress basic wounds, but also how to deal with specific accidents that may happen in your workplace, such as dangerous spills, falls, burns, etc.

No one wants to imagine that an accident could happen when they are around, but the truth is accidents can happen anywhere, to anyone. To give your employees the best chance of being able to help out should something bad happen, it’s imperative that you offer first-aid training through a company such as iSafety. You’ll never regret having well-trained staff ready to act in an emergency, but you just might regret not having taken that precaution.

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