The Pros and Cons of Various Office Furniture


The rhythm and the quality of work actually depend upon the atmosphere, where we are indulged in our respective works. Whether your call center team members are busy in answering customer support calls or they are doing some other works from their schedule, they remain the main point of contact for your customers. So, if you don’t want your employees to sound boring on the phone, then you must ensure that, the environment in which they are working is not boring or dull. An employee’s physical surrounding works as the main ingredient of their mood and motivation. In order to get the full support from your team, you need to become creative, instead of following the traditional methods of designing your office. You have to find out a way of utilizing the space of your office, without compromising functionality.

Before choosing the right furniture for providing your call center a refreshing look, there are some advantages and disadvantages of some office furniture, which you need to go through;

1) Cubicles:

When call center started to choose furniture to decorate their office, they had started to install agent workstations or call center cubicles as the number of agents that fits well to work in the cubicles regulate the authority to choose the particular building to lease or purchase, in order to conduct the work. But one should also know about the pros and cons of cubicles.

Pros of Cubicles:

  • Cubicles provide privacy to employees, especially at the time of working with some confidential subjects. As cubicles come with desks and cabinets, employees can lock up their important papers safely.
  • After installing cubicles for the employees, you can actually be fair with all of them. In this way no one will feel inferior about the fact that the other person has a better office. As a result it would become easier for you to boost the team spirit within your employees.
  • When people are working in a cubicle, there is a less chance of them to get distracted by the other employees. As the office becomes quieter, you can expect much more productivity from your employees. Providing these kinds of details helps employees feel relaxed and cut the need to go on long vacations to that actually do not enjoy.

Cons of Cubicles:

  • If all the employees are required to share various equipments, like- a copy or a fax machine, this can sometimes become the reason for inconvenience, if the workers are working in a cubicle.
  • Among all the Call Center Furniture, cubicles are considered to be the best one. But sometimes, the walls of the cubicles, which are there to provide privacy to the employees, may also become the reason for limited social interaction, with your fellow workers.
  • Pods or Clusters:

If you are looking for a unique and completely different way of designing your call center with furniture, then there is no other better option, other than going for the cluster or pods workstation to install in your office. Instead of choosing the straight run of stations, all the call centers are showing their interests on installing cluster or pod workstations, nowadays. Before choosing pods or clusters as your office furniture, there are some pros and cons which you should know.


Pros of Pods or Cluster workstations:

  • The main benefit of installing pods or cluster workstations, in your call center is, in this way, all the users would be able to face the center of the workstation.
  • While the typical straight run of stations are still considered for offering the maximum floor space, the cluster workstations are well known for providing more privacy to each person and also it provides the more work surface space.

Cons of Pods or Cluster Workstations:

  • When it comes to the point of designing a call center, which doesn’t have much space to offer for designing it with various furniture’s, then pods or cluster workstations are not at all a very good choice for you. As, these type of furniture will take a lot of space of your office.
  • In this system, as one person does not sit to the exact opposite to the other person, it becomes quite problematic for an employee to seek the help of the other employee in some important matters.
  • Long Tables and Benches:

Long tables and benches do perform an integral part in designing your call center. On one hand long tables and benches are one of the most important parts of your office in all their aspects, and on the other hands it also plays a vital role in designing your call center. Design your flexible call center furniture environment with various long tables and benches, which suits the look of your office. In spite of providing your office a brand-new look, there are some pros and cons of these long tables and benches, which you need to go through, before selecting them as your office furniture.

Pros of Long Tables and Benches:

  • When it comes to the point of selecting a table or desk, to conduct the work properly, people are now choosing a standing desk. As it helps the employees to become more conscious and alert towards their work.
  • Teak wood is considered to be the most suitable ingredient for making the benches of your office. As a Call Center Furniture there can be no other option better than choosing a bench made out of teak, which is durable enough.
  • Long tables in a call center also provide the atmosphere of working a number of employees on a single desk, which later works as a booster to their team spirit.

Cons of Long Tables and Benches:

  • The long benches of a call center, made out of teak, needs a regular maintenance or care. Different stains or water marks can actually spoil the real beauty of a long teak bench.
  • Selecting a standing long table or desk, for your call center might have some positive sides, but it also can become the reason for achy joints and muscles of your employees, who are not getting any chance to sit.

It is not enough to choose a workstation, which is perfect in size or design; you also have to take care of the material, which you are choosing to build your workstation. Office workstations are great for providing the useful atmosphere within the office, which would be helpful in increasing the productivity of your employees. With the help of this article, it would become much easier for you to choose the exact office furniture, which will meet all your needs.

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