The Three Primary Worker’s Compensation Benefits

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Your employer is required by law to provide you with three types of benefits under Iowa’s Worker’s Compensation Law. Which of these benefits you may be eligible for depends on the type of injury you received and the manner in which it occurred. The following is a broad overview of Iowa’s Worker’s Compensation benefits:

Medical Benefits

Injuries can require expensive medical care, but fortunately Iowa’s Worker’s Compensation law requires that your employer pay for any medical bills arising from a work related injury. However, your employer has the right to choose the doctor who evaluates your injury for insurance purposes. If you object to the doctor your employer chooses, under certain circumstance you may have the right to appeal. The range of medical bills that your employer must pay may include such minor expenses as the cost of gas required to get to medical appointments.

Wage Replacement Benefits

When you are too injured to perform your job, that means you are losing wages that you would otherwise have earned. Iowa’s Worker’s Compensation law requires that your employer replace those lost wages. Since the payments you receive are tax free, the size of your check will reflect your take-home rather than gross pay. You can still collect even if your injuries cause you to only cut back on your working level. For example, if your hours are cut or you are placed on light duty, you are still entitled to compensation for any resulting pay reduction.

Permanency Benefits

Sad but true, some work related injuries may leave you disabled in ways that may make it impossible for you to ever perform your job again in the same way. Compensation for permanent injuries from which you are not expected to recover is based on the severity of the injury and the degree of disability it creates. For example, an injury that left several fingers on your hand permanently stiff would not pay compensation equal to an injury in which you lost the use of your legs.

Applying the Law

Every workman’s compensation case is unique in the people and the circumstances involved. That makes for complexities and subtleties that can only be resolved by a trained Iowa Workers Compensation lawyer. Contact one immediately after any work related injury in order to discover how the law can be made to benefit you.

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