What Your Office Space Needs To Make A Positive Impression

There’s an old saying that first impressions count and this couldn’t be truer in the world of business. Everything from your pitches to how you conduct yourself at work in leading a team leaves an impression on a client and in business terms you will want to leave the best one possible.

What your Office Space needs to make a Positive Impression

There’s something else though that you also need to ensure will reflect well on people during your meetings – and that’s your office space. Imagine walking into an unfurnished, old and drey looking office, the chances are you probably wouldn’t be impressed. Well, every time a new client walks into your workplace and they too, will be thinking the same.

In order to avoid this, there’s a number of features you can bring to your office to help make it a place that has a positive impact on everyone who visits; here’s some pointers to consider:

The Latest Equipment

Firstly, you might want to look at the technologies you’re using. Dated computers, machines and general IT equipment might make people think that your company is stuck in the past, and doesn’t invest in developing their workplace or its equipment. Depending on your budget, invest regularly in keeping your office equipment up to date, modern, investing also into new and emerging technology products and keep track and monitor up and coming digital trends. This won’t only look better, but will keep your business on top of the competition and as an added bonus it can make your staff that much more productive and their work efficient.

A Smart Conference or Boardroom

The boardroom or conference room is the place you actually meet and start to win over your clients so, it’s essential you make this stand out. Afew chairs boxed in a small stuffy room around a table won’t cut it, you need a large separate room set up with a large quality table and comfy chairs. Also a quality Smart board and projector are imperative for displaying visual presentations.

Impressive Design

Brighten up your bland décor with a few simple touches. Instead of just beige, empty walls, decorate with some art or prints and paint the walls in a fresher more vibrant colour. To really stand out though, and make the office much more vibrant and colourful having a quirky layout foryour pods or standing areas for work. You should tailor your office design to complement the type of atmosphere you want to achieve an openoffice layout creates an environment that focuses on openness, collaboration and visibility as well as, communication. Offices with enclosed desks and high panel heights creates a more private and secluded environment.

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