Infographics—A Magic Wand in Marketing World


Do we all remember 90% of the information in the newspapers every day? We flip through those pages and try to digest as much information as we can. But we tend to forget the minute details within a fraction of seconds. However, if you were presented with a picture, you would be able to digest the same information fast. The most noteworthy fact is, approximately 65% of the humans have a stronger visual cognitive ability. Therefore, we grasp the details in a picture better than words.

Infographics are graphical visualizations of the complex information we come across in our day to day life, they amplify our visual cognitive skills and untangle the labyrinth of knowledge. Thus, making it much easier for us to understand.

The world of infographics is diverse as there are many subdivisions to bifurcate them based on their differences. Some examples are flowcharts, timelines, versus, lists. These are an incredible tool for marketing.

But, how exactly can we use the power of this tool to its fullest? The answer to this question is simple. This tool has the competence to attract the person’s attention because we are more drawn towards visual material than worded descriptions. You can get more people known about your brand if you use this method of marketing. If you post plain descriptions about your business, there are high possibilities that it is not catchy. The main reason behind this is that, on the web, information keeps getting added every second. Most of the viewers have the tendency to ignore the long descriptive posts, as we all are living a very busy life and have very little time to pay attention to such gigantic messages, e-mails and posts. Therefore, if you use an infographic to express the services or products provided by your company, more people will view it and you will also get good feedback for this move. These use colourful fonts and pictures with professional typography techniques. The masses will be enthralled to know more about your corporation if you include in-depth knowledge about your merchandise, invention or services. The deeper information your infographic represents graphically along with proper analytics such as graphs, pie charts and flow charts, more subscribers and followers will generate interest. One will be seen as an expert in their field by using such means.

It has a great impact on the development of your business, as 90% of the content that is presented through this medium will be remembered by many viewers.

But, how do we make such marvellous infographics and who will create them for us? There are many graphic illustrators out there who have started their own business. They make money by creating animated or static infographics for your company. InfoGraphicDesignTeam is one such incredible website that aids in the making of really attractive and meaningful infographics. Approach them and boost the sales and profits of your brand in no time!

There are animated as well as static infographics. The animated ones are used to convey the details through a storyline, whereas it can also be used for explaining the procedure and designing of a product. Visual, as well as audio elements, are involved in this process, which improves the understanding capability of the human beings. Statistics can be easily represented via animation, the combination of the above mentioned two elements can result in a better output.

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