Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a specialized tool for recording all the business content that you create and access online. One of the best uses for this streaming video recorder is that it can be used to capture and save online business webinars on your PC. Everyone knows webinars are a great idea: they are a convenient and cost-effective way to update yourself on what is happening in your industry. And now, you can save them for future reference as well, courtesy Movavi Screen Capture.

Affordable Video Recording at Your Fingertips

You probably stream videos all the time, but the business webinars you follow do not, in all likelihood, offer you options for downloading. You never know when you might need to watch the video in question all over again, and whether your bandwidth is sufficient to load it once more. Cut through all that hassle by downloading the Screen Capture Studio, a reasonably priced application, that lets you record online video and save it in the format of your choice, letting you watch the content you need over and over again without any buffering or slowdowns. Cut out relevant clips from the recorded video, and add to your business presentations to add some life to them.

Training Videos for Easy Instruction

Many employers are using business webinars as a tool to give their employees training on new techniques and tools. If you are one of those employees, then storing the video on your PC will be a great way to look at it as you work your way around the new software or tool, with the instructions right there for quick reference. Movavi Screen Capture Studio is able to help users stay at the top of their game by getting focused and organized.

A Streaming Video Recorder that Checks All the Boxes

Screen Capture Studio gives you numerous options and scope for customization. You can choose the dimensions of the recording frame, based on the size of the browser window you are streaming the video in. Then, you can choose the resolution that you want your video to have. Once you’re done recording, you can either save it right away, or edit the video to make it even more organized. For example, you can put in text or annotations in, or even segment the video (with transitions) in order to find a specific section easily.

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