Sowing Your SEO Seeds: Finding an Expert Website Consultant to Help You Grow Your Business


You know you need to market your business, but you don’t know where to start. Well most companies end up hiring an expert to help them. Here’s how one can help your business.

They Help Design Your Website

An SEO experts knows the kinds of marketing angles necessary for sales, and that informs website design. While you might not want to hand over the reins entirely, you do need to acknowledge the impact marketing has on your sales. And, because of this, you need to take SEO into account when designing your site.

Quality Content

An SEO expert knows the importance of, and the impact of, SEO on content creation. SEO alone, however, can’t help you win the market. What you need is social media marketing, branding, and a few other marketing strategies. The SEO expert will help you drive your business and get the maximum ROI.

They Affect And Drive Research And Purchase Cycle

Your SEO expert helps place your business in Google Places. This gets your business listed online. They’ll also manage your professional image online while ensuring critical and relevant keywords are optimized on and offsite for you.

Your SEO expert’s job is to help you rank for competitive keyword terms, thereby attracting potential buyers to your website. For example, if your website is about dog training, your SEO specialist will want to figure out how to rank for related terms. If you’re selling dog training, or maybe pet supplies, and training equipment, then you’ll want customers that have dogs, or are in the market for a dog.

Your SEO will do this for you.

Multiplying The Impact

Your SEO expert helps multiply the impact of your brand or product by designing your website to achieve your business objectives. Usually, this will be more sales and a higher customer retention. If you’re hiring a permanent SEO expert for your company, make sure they have proper SEO training.

What You Want To Know About Your SEO

Rather than hiring some bum off the street, make sure you seek out people that have an actual track record with past and current clients. Reach out to an SEO company’s previous or existing customers and ask how their project was handled and what they thought. Consider making this standard practice, and approach at least 5 different companies before making your final decision.

What Is Their Strategic Process and Outline of Services?

SEO companies should communicate their strategies without guarantees. Be mindful of any company promising something it logically cannot deliver on. For example, there are no guarantees in SEO  — especially in regards to search engine ranking or placement. But, the company should be able to give you an estimate of how long it might take for your company to start seeing some kind of result.

What Kind Of Tactics Do They Use?

In SEO, there are basically two different ways to approach marketing: white hat SEO and black hat SEO.

If an SEO guarantees #1 placement in Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine, then consider moving onto the next company. These operations may be using “black hat” SEO techniques that may work in the short term but may ultimately result in your company being banned from the search engines if they find out what you’re doing.

And, over the long-term, these techniques may not provide you with the results you hoped for.

Harriet Shaw works as a business consultant and has a background in SEO along with some web design skills; she’s really a bit of an all rounder which is why small business owners enjoy working with her!

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