Interview Me! – More than a simple blog review; get a full featured interview and a promotional press release
You’ve probably heard about Review Me – the site where you pay someone to review your blog and post about it on their blog. While we like the idea of Review Me, we thought the concept of a paid feature could be even better. With a review, you never know what someone might say about your blog… that won’t happen with Interview Me. We are selective in who we interview. We interview and report on people and business that we feel positive about and that we think will add value to our readership of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and bloggers.With Interview Me, we dig deeper into your story to provide a well-rounded feature presentation of your business, your successes, your opinions, and your insight on your topic of experience.

Interviews Make Fantastic Marketing Material

Imagine that you’re bidding for a new contract and you send your prospect a link to a full-feature interview about you and your company – wow! Your prospects may even find you on Google News through the professional press release we will write and distribute about the interview. FAQ’s

Are all of the interviews on Create Business Growth paid? NO. We run a weekly interview with a successful blogger or business owner every week that we feel has a message that will empower our readers. These interviews have the label “This is NOT a sponsored interview” below the article. Paid interviews are labeled “sponsored interview” with a link back to your blog or website.

What’s your selection process? Members of the Create Business Growth team will review you and your blog internally as part of the decision making process. We interview those who operate in an ethical manner and that we feel have a business and message that will benefit our readership.

What’s the cost? Not all of the interviews you read on Create Business Growth are paid interviews. We choose a unique blogger or business owner to interview once per week. However, the cost for a full feature paid interview and the writing and distribution of a promotional press release about the interview is $499. Read a non-sponsored interview. If approved, yours will be the same quality . The only difference is that “sponsored interview” will be at the end of all paid interviews.

Please Note: Sponsored and NON-Sponsored Interviews must meet our approval process. NON-Sponsored interviews have a more stringent approval process. To be approved for a NON-Sponsored interview, you must either have a BLOG or a BOOK published or prove that your web presence is strong enough for the NON-Sponsored interview to be a WIN-WIN for both parties. The interview, writing and distribution takes several hours of our time to complete.

The interview and press release are all yours to do with as you wish! Send them out to prospective clients, add the content to your website, or submit the press release to magazines and trade journals within your niche industry.

This could be your company! Give us a call at 888-839-3641 or e-mail to receive a call back and more information.

About our Press Releases

One of the best ways to get online visibility fast is with optimized press releases – they give your company and your message a sense of authority and appear in Google and Yahoo News within days of release.

Press releases are timely, so they also move out of the news after a few weeks or so, but continue to generate valuable backlinks to your website for months and year to come. Optimized correctly, we’ve seen press releases help the natural rankings of your site if it’s already on the radar and alert your site’s presence to the search engines if it’s new.

Plus, having an online press room on your website loaded with press releases looks darn good. You might be surprised at how many journalists looking for topics to write about visit online press rooms to get the low-down on the latest events in various industries. Surprisingly though, most sites don’t have one!