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3 Ways to Save Money on Strategic Marketing

Your business is facing relentless competition, which means that you need to invest in strategic, ROI-based marketing. However, you aren’t (yet!) as big as Apple or Google, and until that happens you need to take a “less is more” approach and keep a very close eye on spending. No problem! Here are three proven ways to save money on strategic marketing, and help your business stand out and apart in a crowded marketplace:

  1. Wisely Play the SEO Game

Millions of businesses are playing the SEO game, but surprisingly few are playing it wisely. The former are blowing (and often exceeding) their budget on extremely competitive keywords. The latter are targeting long-tail keywords that have relatively lower search volumes, but are far easier to rank for.

What’s more, studies have shown that people (both consumers and businesses) that search for long-tail keywords tend to be more focused and further along the buyer’s journey than those who search for conventional keywords. That translates into more quality website traffic, more sales, and more profits. What’s not to love about that?

  1. Invest in (the other Kind of) Mobile Marketing

There are two kinds of mobile marketing — one that you’re probably familiar with, and one that might be new information.

The type of mobile marketing that you probably know and might already be using is having a responsive (i.e. mobile-friendly) website. This is less of a marketing strategy, and more of a fundamental business requirement. A growing number of customers are surfing the web via smartphones and tablets, and if your website doesn’t load quickly and flawlessly across devices, browsers and operating systems, then you’re cutting yourself off from a massive number of potential customers.

The type of mobile marketing that you may be less familiar with — but should definitely look into — is investing in vinyl wraps for cars. For a fraction of the cost of conventional outdoor advertising or broadcast advertising, you can reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers and generate brand visibility and top-of-mind marketplace awareness.

  1. Offer Coupons

Coupons are a great way to generate new customers and turn them into loyal, long-term fans. If your business is exclusively online, then obviously your coupons (or coupon codes) need to be digital. However, if you have a retail presence, then it’s also a good idea to offer printable coupons as well since they’re extremely popular and very cheap to create. The path to savings and ROI is usually very short and nicely profitable.

The Bottom Line

Strategic marketing doesn’t have to be an expensive challenge or a risky undertaking. The above tips will help you get noticed and stand out from the competition — without blowing your budget or forcing you to dial down when you want to be ramping up. Remember, it’s more important to make smart investments that will pay off in the long run than to cut corners at every opportunity. You have to spend some money to make money after all!

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