4 Ways to Appeal to Your Customers


Your customers are very important to you, so it only makes sense that you’d want to do all that’s in your power to make them happy. The last situation you need is consumers starting to backlash against your brand, because they’re sick of your business practices.

It’s important to know what’s going on in your company walls at all times so that you can avoid any uncomfortable events with your clients. Focus all you do around making sure it’s beneficial and valuable to your target audience. Don’t pull the trigger on a project because you think it’s great for internal operations. See four ways to appeal to your customers.

Offer Superior Customer Service

Long waiting times and no apologizes isn’t going to get you on your customer’s good side. Being rude and unaccommodating is a turn-off and won’t be tolerated by most consumers. Set policies and procedures in place, so everyone who’s dealing with a customer is on the same page and offers the same level of high-quality service. Train your employees to know how to deal with difficult clients and handle sticky situations.

Strategically Schedule Email Campaigns

Emailing customers too often is a big no-no. Doing this will result in customers not opening messages, unsubscribing from the email list and annoying them, hence, negatively impacting your brand. This issue can be easily solved by using marketing automation techniques that allow you to build an audience of your choosing and set up ongoing campaigns triggered by an event, activity or date. This solution helps you find your audience, engage your customers and build your brand, without annoying them in the process.

Avoid Using Bad Product Descriptions & Photos

It’s frustrating when a consumer comes across your website or store and can’t figure out what it is you’re selling or how it would benefit them if they bought it. Make sure you’re using the right level of descriptive detail and high-quality images that are intriguing. Customers don’t want to have to call you and ask questions when they should be able to get them all answered online. Bad product descriptions and poor images will not only annoy your customer, but will also likely cause you to lose the sale.

Follow Social Media Protocol

It’s not a good idea to launch several company social media pages without knowing what you’re doing. Put a social media manager in place who’s knowledgeable and trained to adhere to the company guidelines and social media protocol. Posting too often or too little, not knowing when to use hashtags and not engaging with your audience are just a few ways you could get dinged on the platforms. The results of not following the rules are a reduction in followers, drop in engagement rates and your post reach will take a major dive.


Aggravating consumers is a recipe for disaster. It’s not good for your brand reputation or sales. Be smart and know the best ways to communicate and interact with your target audience. These are four ways to annoy your customers less.

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