5 Tips for a Successful Exhibition


Attending an exhibition is a great way to promote your business, but how can you ensure that your next exhibition will be a successful one? Continue reading for five helpful tips to get started.

1. Design a Winning Exhibition Stand

In order to get the attention of as many people as possible at the exhibition, you need to have a winning exhibition stand. This means that the stand will garner attention while also effectively promoting what you do.

To accomplish this, you shouldn’t go about designing your exhibition booth on your own. Instead, you should hire experts like those at finesse-exhibitions.co.uk. Ultimately, your stand should reflect your brand, appeal to the five senses, be open and approachable, and be clear about how you can help visitors.

2. Publicise the Fact That You’re Attending the Event

You should make it a point to publicise the fact that your company will be at the exhibition. For example, let your customers know via your mailing list and social media channels that you’ll be there and you’d love for them to join you. Invite them to head over to your stand and meet you in person. Provide all of the necessary details so people can find you easily, and make sure you send out a press release with this information as well. It’s also a good idea to post about the event on your site. Ultimately, you should be using this event to reinforce your marketing activities.

3. Get Your Team Together and Ready

Another step you need to take in advance is preparing your team. Make sure that you only include those employees who are excited about being involved in the event and in the preparation for it. You don’t want to force anyone to come along because they may not be enthusiastic enough to draw people’s attention and make sales.

Once your team is in place, you should brief them about their roles and objectives so they know exactly what they need to do throughout the exhibition.

4. Create a Sales Strategy for the Event

Next, you want to have a solid sales strategy in place that your entire team will follow during the event. For example, you can engage visitors by asking them questions that will encourage them to learn more about your products or services. You should also have a quick pitch prepared. Just make sure that you practice everything several times so that you and your team can be flawless on the day of the event.

5. Follow Up on Leads Collected

Finally, you need to understand that your work isn’t complete once the exhibition is over. Instead, you need to also have a strategy in place to follow up with any leads you collect during the event. You can perhaps send out a simple email of thanks, or a discount code that can serve as an incentive to make a purchase. Once you see the sales, you’ll know your exhibition was a success.

By properly preparing for an upcoming exhibition, you can effectively use it to promote your business and gain new customers and sales.

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