Anyone who has ever called customer service for any product or service probably has at least one story to tell where the technician they spoke with did not meet their needs. When you’re working in customer service for IT support, it’s vital that you’re giving your customers the best experience possible. Many customers may already be frustrated with whatever problem they are calling about, and how you approach the situation can make a huge difference. Here are six important customer service tips for people in IT support.

  1. Be Positive

Even if it seems like you got the grumpiest customer on the planet, you need to find a way to be positive with your customer. Keeping a positive attitude can help your customer to calm down, which will help you to help him or her easier. Although it can sometimes be difficult, approaching every situation positively can help you avoid making a bad situation worse.

  1. Use Polite Language

Use sir or madam when talking with your customer. Make sure to explain everything that you do throughout the call. Ask if you can put the customer on hold before you do so, and apologize if the hold was for longer than one minute. Avoid the use of rude or crude words. All of this can help you (and your company) sound more professional.

  1. Be Honest

Do what you can for your customer and be honest with what you say. If you say something that is untrue, it could come back to haunt you if the customer calls later and talks with another technician. If the call leads to something that is beyond your authority, it is important to get a manager or someone with the proper authority to take it from there. Make sure you check with your customer before transferring him or her to someone else.

  1. Connect With Your Customer

Get to know your customer and show your empathy for the situation. Really listen to what the customer is saying so you can better help him or her. Explain how you would feel in that situation, or how you felt if you have experienced something similar before. This will help your customer trust that you’re working with him or her toward a proper solution.

  1. Take Care of Your Customer

Take care of your customer from opening to close of the call. Stay with your customer through a transfer until the new agent or manager has taken over. If you make an error, admit to it. Basically, take responsibility for your call and everything that occurs until the call closes.

  1. Follow Through

Make sure you complete your checklist and that you have helped you customer as much as possible. You should have a procedure list to go through. Stop and review the list as necessary before transferring or closing your call, and fill out any required reports. This will make it easier if the customer ever calls customer service again.

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