From taking advantage of the benefits of social media to improving your sales figures, there are countless ways you can make a difference to your small business in 2015. How do you narrow down the choices? Where do you focus your efforts for the biggest returns? Here are some key tips to get right down to what’s important and make this year your best ever.

  1. Make Your Website a Must-Visit Destination

Realise that your website is not only for selling your products, giving prices and brand information, and letting people know when your shop is open. Make your website a must-visit destination for people interested in your field. For example, a travel agency will need to make their website all about the latest places to visit, and a cupcake maker should look into telling people about the latest trends in baking, cooking, food, and entertaining.

  1. Look into Psychology

You don’t have to have a degree in psychology to understand basic research into what makes consumers tick – what makes them choose to buy one product over another, what makes a person stay on a website or move to another, what makes someone react positively to one product and negatively to another. Get a quick refresher course in psychological research and find out some key tips for expanding your business and improving your customer relations.

  1. Learn More About Who Follows You On Social Media

Find out who your biggest followers are and do more to attract them and keep them interested. You need to determine what is effective and what is not working, so don’t forget to get your analysis completed and have insight into the strategies that make a difference.

  1. Talk About Your Products – In Person

While you may have a thriving online store, it really helps when you get out there and sell your product in person, too. Consider taking a stand at a trade show, or networking your business at local events. If you are truly passionate and knowledgeable about your business, you will gain a lot of new clients by meeting them in person; you don’t have to restrict your activities to the internet and social media.

  1. Be A Smart Leader

Take a look on The Corporate Toolbox for some ideas on how to develop more effective leadership skills and what to do to improve the relationship you have with people in your company. Learning how to communicate more effectively could make all the difference to your business success this year.

  1. Say Thank You to Improve Your Team

Simple things like saying thank you for a job well done make all the difference to team dynamics – and to the success of the business as a whole. It’s easy to forget to be kind and civil. Don’t neglect the personal side of business and strive to create a working environment you can all be happy with.


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