8 Visual Content Tips to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Social media is becoming more and more about visual marketing and visual content. This is how to attract a large amount of people with your visual content. These eight tips will also encourage your audience to share your content, which will increase your reach as well as brand awareness.


1. Your visuals shouldn’t interrupt or distract from the true user experience. Instead, they should add to the experience. Avoid visuals that look like ads and only choose visuals that complement the social media or website experience.

2. The visuals should be native to the platform. For example, don’t use a slideshow of photos on YouTube, use a video. After getting quality domain hosting, don’t use your website just for square images; that’s what Instagram is for. Make the most of each platform you have by sticking to what it does best.

3. Don’t insist that people take some sort of action. Visuals should entertain, educate or assist. They shouldn’t demand that users click, buy or share. If the content is good enough, they’ll eventually do those things on their own. You can include a call-to-action, but don’t make it a requirement for people to access the content.

4. Make sure the visuals matter to your audience. Just because something is interesting, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s interesting to your specific audience. If you notice that nobody’s responding to the content you’re posting, it may be time to reassess your audience and their needs.

5. Make sure that all visual content is in line with your brand identity. You have to remain consistent in your branding across all channels. No matter how great a piece of content is, if it’s not what your audience has grown to expect, it will get ignored. Plus, when you don’t deliver content that’s on message, you could lose some of your following.

6. Add visuals to some of your Tweets to break up the regular form. Tweet at least one visual per day. If your audience responds to it, increase the number of visuals you post daily. Experiment on your other social media accounts, too, like Facebook.

7. Think about how your product or service makes a difference in real lives. Then, use visuals to tell that story. Stories don’t have to be longwinded. They can be simple and short. Your visuals should always be used to convey some sort of interesting message.

8. Use an embedded call-to-action, which is a call-to-action that’s right on the visual itself. This doesn’t demand that readers do something, but it gives them a way to take the next step if they want to. Plus, they won’t have to read through the description in order to figure out what action they should take.

If you want to grow your business online, increase engagement, and have more conversions, you’ll need to jump on the visual marketing bandwagon.

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