A Marketing Plan for Those Involved in the Business of Music

music-businessMusic is an art industry, and everybody knows there are only two things in the art industry: lots of money, or no money at all. However, there are plenty of things you can do in order to increase your chances of being on the lots of money side, one of which is enrolling in music business schools. That way, even if your amazing talent never gets discovered, you will have the skills and abilities to do more in this fascinating industry.

Music Is a Calling

People who are truly passionate about music dont care about the money. They see it as their calling, and they will take any opportunity they can get to remain involved in it. Music is their life, whether it is being a roadie or being the star of the show.

If you want to go down the path of becoming a full time musician, but you dont want to be a starving artist, you need to take one of the key things you learned at music business school: how to make a marketing plan. Marketing, as other things in the world of music, is hard, and it is likely that you will have to invest more than you can afford at first. But it will pay off, if you do it properly.

A Music Marketing Plan

  1. Look at the people you trust and who inspired you, and see which system they followed. This needs to include people who you actually know, and who will stand by you and your music. They can start to talk about you, telling others of your existence and generally gathering an interest in what you do. These same people can help you promote your music when you get to that point. Remember tit for tat, though, which means that you will have to help them out when you can as well.
  2. Find those people who want to invest in you, be that in terms of money or in terms of time. Spend some time doing your research online, where you will find lots of information on the world of music, what people are looking for, whether there is a need for artists, and so on. This is also the point where you may come to realize that you have to make some changes to your approach if youre serious about breaking through.
  3. Create a system that is efficient for you and never give up. Always remain organized and create a schedule for yourself that you stick to. Write developments on here, so that you can see that for every step backwards you took, you also took two forward. That is a great motivator.

These are the three key elements of your music marketing plan. Other than that, you need time, perseverance, and dedication to your art. It will take time, and there will be plenty of moments where you feel like giving up, particularly if others tell you that it is time to get a real job. However, stick by it, and you should be able to get there in the end.

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