With more images online than ever before, video is a very powerful way to circulate your brand. Research has shown that people are more likely to remember the contents of a dynamic video than they would words or static pictures. That’s why more businesses are turning to videos to get their name and services out there. In quick and engaging explainer videos, they can inform customers about anything in a way that will stick.

Smartphone Video

When more and more people can access video in the palm of their hand—available at a moment’s notice to share with friends, colleagues, and family—it’s essential for any business to have a video that can be easily found and shared. Relying on websites that are full of dense text will simply not encourage return visits and will more than likely turn away potential customers. If you have an engaging video on your site, you’ll instantly grab your visitor’s attention—encouraging them to explore your site and hire your services. If you have a particularly clever and skilful video, then your viewers will share it, distributing your name out into a totally new clientele.

Explainer videos are an excellent way to introduce new and old customers alike to your product and services. They’re a proven marketing method that innovative businesses—big and small—have begun to use in order to reach targeted audiences. With a simple 2-minute video, you can be generating millions of dollars in profit. Depending on your brand and the particular tone you’re trying to set, there are different styles of explainer videos that you can explore fully when you check out http://epicvideofactory.com. A popular trend is the whiteboard video, which shows accelerated footage of a talented artist drawing on a whiteboard. Dubbed over by a professional voice artist, the whiteboard animation can summarize complex information in a simple way for its viewers.

Not all styles are created equally, and you should only choose the style that fits with your brand perfectly. This process is easier said than done if you’re not a professional animator. This is why sensible business owners turn to the expert help of a professional web video production company. An experienced company has an arsenal of analytic tools and trend research to create a video that will fit your brand, and their artists can translate your initial idea into an attractive, dynamic, and thoughtful video.

As a shrewd business owner, you understand the importance of brand visibility online. Having a professionally made explainer video will have your business’s name and services seen by more people online than ever before, which is why you should contact a web video production company today.

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