TMS Infographic- Final

Achieving business success is an on-going journey for any entrepreneur. With today’s growing emphasis on card transaction and even online stores, it’s important for any business owner to have a reliable merchant service provider. Here’s what you don’t know: not all service provider are equal. Some have steep equipment rental rates; some have incredibly high swipe and key-entered processing fees; and others charge for various hidden fees.

So, as a business owner, you have to make a wise choice—your business’s growth and success depends on it. To succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace, you’ll need to have exactly the right tools and resources. For example, if you currently do have a merchant service provider, are you equipped to handle things like credit card breaches? Are your merchant machines EMV chip-enabled to help you reduce fines of up to $100,000?

Many merchant service providers cost more than they are worth—and as a result, your business could be suffering. Know where your business stands. Targeted Merchant Solutions is about transparency. We want your business to grow and be successful. Our merchant equipment, marketing services and solutions help you do exactly that. There are no hidden fees or any outrageous equipment rentals to deal with—we are the solution to kick of your business onto a whole new chapter.

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