Promotional Products Still Important to Marketing Efforts

promo product

In our online-focused world, it may seem as though the utility of promotional products for consumers is less important. However, as a marketing tool, branded items are still a great option for spreading your business message to a wide audience for a relatively small investment. The main things to consider are which items to offer and when to give them out to consumers. Here are some of the top reasons promotional items have a solid role in advertising strategies.

Made to Last

We live in a time when disposable products are everywhere. As such, consumers embrace items that can be used for a long time or that can be repurposed in the future. If you invest in durable promotional products, such as canvas grocery bags or metal refillable water bottles, consumers will continue to use them daily for years. This increases your brand exposure and gives consumers a positive impression of your company. Also, be sure to purchase promotional products that are made in the United States and are labeled accordingly. Consumers put a high value on items manufactured in our country. Finally, the eco-friendly nature of long-lasting promotional items is another selling point.


In the same vein as the longevity of your branded products, consider choosing items that can be re-gifted to other consumers. For example, a baby hat with a cute statement and your business name will likely be passed from one parent to another, extending your audience reach and improving consumers’ opinion of your brand. They will like the fact that you are offering them something useful that can benefit their children and then be passed on for other families to enjoy. You will never get that degree of warmth from billboard advertising.

Tactile Appeal

If it seems everything these days is electronic and online-only, promotional products have the advantage of being real, tactile objects that people see and use and touch on a regular basis. This ability of put their hands on your brand will keep your company top of mind for the lifetime of the product. Plus, you are helping people in their daily lives by giving them something functional and helpful, whether it is a tote bag, a T-shirt, or a laptop sleeve. No matter how many times they see your business advertised in a 15-second television commercial, they will never have the same response they do to using a real item, and that can lead to increased customer loyalty for you.

Promotional products are a tried-and-true approach to business marketing. By offering consumers long-lasting, thoughtful, and helpful items, you can reach a wider audience and instill a positive image about your company and everything it offers.

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