Beauty Business Marketing: Sensible Strategies for Getting More Customers to Come to You

beauty business marketing

While the beauty and salon business is all about delicacy and tenderness, when it comes to marketing the business, it must be like any other – tough as nails! Pursue marketing aggressively and soon youll have customers pouring in, making you their first choice for grooming and personal care. However, devising strategies that are relevant enough to attract new customers to your salon is what you should call success.

Below are some of these strategies to start off with.

Make Technology Your Best Friend

Though theres a lot you can do to market your beauty business through the use of technology, herere a few suggestions:

  • Put up open appointments on sites like Yelp, Facebook, and other social media platforms.
  • To differentiate your brand from your competitors, post beauty how-to videos on your own website. This way, your customers can directly learn about various beauty tricks and that too by watching your how-to videos. This definitely is a plus on your website. Therefore, there are higher chances that theyll prefer to visit your salon as compared to your competitors.

Put Your Brand on the Map

Place your brand online. These days, everyone is connected to their phones. This means that Google Maps is probably more effective than the old-school billboards! According to marketing research, 81% of customers conduct some form of research before spending their money on something they want to purchase. So, why not make this part easier for them?

Make your brand go places. Take help of Google business and Yellow Pages to ensure customers can discover your brand even when theyre on-the-go.

Entice Customers to Check-In

How about offering something to customers if they check-in on Facebook when they step in your salon? Thats free marketing for you right there! This is also more effective and powerful as each customer who checks in, is influencing people in his/her social circle.

Use Loyal Customers

As a famous saying goes, 80% of your business comes from 20% of customers. Keep your loyal customers close to you by enticing them to use your app and provide them loyalty points every time they come to your salon. There are such apps that can remind the customers that theyre this much closer to earning a hair-curler or a manicure.

Surprisingly, these apps are quite inexpensive to be designed and maintained.

Show Off Your Talent

This is a fun way to show off your beauty skills and get more clients: get some stylists to work on models. Once done with their makeovers, you can head to a busy place where passers-by can see the models. Announce on a loudspeaker for people to vote which model has the best makeover. People who are voting get a chance to win a free makeover from the salon.

Not only is this a new way to display your prowess, people will also be more aware of your brand name. Thats because people get to see the makeover live in front of them!

The Bottom Line

Its natural to share similar interests such as cosmetics, hair colouring, hair styling, and hair removal. Thats why its worthwhile to say that beauty businesses are booming. And if youre running your own salon, you can see it grow beyond the competition only if you have the right marketing strategies. If implemented consistently, youll get new customers for sure.

By Chris Smith – Im Chris. Im a fairly normal 20-something guy born and bred in the mean streets of Glasgow (theyre actually not that mean.) I wouldnt say there is anything particularly special about me, although my mother would argue with that, Im a straight forward guy who enjoys a good lager, movies, computers and a good lager (What? Im Scottish!) Ive worked in a series of random jobs before and during University ranging from being a bouncer in a pub to working in a call centre selling people insurance (for which I apologize) so, Ive been about. Ive picked up a lot of knowledge along the way, particularly regarding saving money and spending it effectively, not just from my own experiences (good and bad) but from people passing their knowledge on to me. So, the logical thing would be to pass it all on again, right? Yeah. That seems like the right thing to do.

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