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Count On B2B Lead Agencies When You Need New Customers

What’s the one thing B2B companies across the world can agree on? Sales lead generation is their number one challenge, with only 17% meeting their lead generation goals every year. Insufficient marketing budgets, data quality, poor marketing channel selection, and internal company issues are all identified by large companies and SMBs as reasons for the failure, but when you dig a bit deeper, you discover that different departments see things very differently.

B2B Lead Agencies

A study called The Black Report surveyed companies across the globe about challenges facing lead generation and they discovered that marketing and sales don’t know how to talk to each other. While sales claims that “poor channel selection” is the leading cause of missed goals, marketing blames data quality issues. Both are big problems, but it’s easy to see that this is a game of “Who’s to blame,” and that’s a game that never gets anywhere. Instead of finding blame, your company needs to find a solution. With your departments at odds, you need all the help you can get to meet your lead generation goals.

One place to look for advice on finding new leads is B2B lead generation company 360 Leads, a company that uses extensive research and multi-channel campaigns to expand your brand into new markets and verticals. One of the advantages of working with an outside B2B lead generation company is that they know how to talk to your sales department and focus on lead generation channels with a proven ROI for your campaign. Among the tips for generating new leads, you can find on their website strategies for applying high value direct mail and CRM implementation. One of the big issues with CRM software is the focus on technology at the expense of prospects and customers, in other words, people. They let companies repeat the same mistakes, which is why CRMs have an average failure rate of 50% according to Gartner.

When only 17% of companies are meeting their lead generation targets, something is wrong with the practice across industries. B2B lead companies like 360 Leads use data-driven strategies to navigate an increasingly complicated marketing landscape. Data shows marketers where to go looking for new customer acquisition and what strategies turn into leads and customers. You need a B2B lead generation company that will:

  • Target audiences based on your company’s market goals and data about the kinds of companies seeking your products and solutions.
  • Communicate your message to the people making decisions, demonstrating your value proposition and why your company has the expertise and the solution to meet prospects’ needs.
  • Constantly collect data on their lead generation activities to sharpen your message and improve follow up.
  • Nurture leads until they become pre-scheduled appointments, one of the most labor-intensive and data-sensitive steps in prospecting.

If you’re sick of missing your lead generation targets, it’s time to make a change. Bring on a B2B lead generation company that can talk to sales, collect data, expand your markets, and meet your objectives.

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