Digital Marketing Trends Social Media Marketers Can’t Ignore

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In the world of digital marketing, change is often and constant. However, a number of social media managers feel that changes are so rapid that the consistent needs to stay in the know and up to date with all of the latest digital marketing trends is near impossible to achieve. However, when it comes to digital marketing some trends are far more important than others, and with so many social media marketers being overwhelmed with all of the different trends and changes that they need to track, it’s easy to become overrun with information, and miss out on watching some of the more major changes that need to be watched and learned about. Don’t worry – if you’re a social media marketer who is feeling slightly snowed under by all the different trends, we’ve put together a list of some of this year’s best digital marketing trends that you need to keep your eye on.

Google Will Be Relying Heavily on Social Media Signals for SEO

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Google is relying more and more heavily on social media signals to inform its search engine rankings thanks to the growth of the organic online marketing ecosystem, and big changes are imminent within teams that work separately on SEO and social media. Although officially the two belong to separate teams, SEO strategists will soon be needing to inform social media marketers a lot more about their plans and agenda in order to assist with content promotion. Social media marketers will also need to be working more closely with SEO strategists in order to enable SEO strategists to receive the social media signals that they need in order to make sure that their company ranks high in Google’s SERPs.

The Solution to Facebook’s Algorithm Change is Content Marketing

Although using social media sites such as Facebook to promote your business is not a problem, and rather a necessary means in this day and age, there is a fine line between enough social media promotion and too much. Facebook changed their News Feed algorithm this year, meaning that posts appear higher in the News Feed if they contain information that is valuable to your target audience (you can check how your posts are doing through software like eGain). With this in mind, the way to get good engagement on Facebook is through sophisticated marketing – with businesses that already have a strong content marketing strategy in place having an advantage, as they can select content from their blog in order to feature it on the business page. However, if you don’t already have a strong content marketing strategy or use a blog but still want to maintain a strong Facebook presence, now would be the time to start thinking about putting a content marketing strategy for Facebook in place.

More Mobile Friendly Websites

This is probably not news to you, but with more and more users accessing the web on their smartphones and tablets, it’s essential that everybody ensures that their website is optimized to be mobile friendly. Mobile internet user penetration is at an all-time high this year at around 50%, so if you haven’t already, ensuring that your website is optimized for efficient mobile use should be at the top of your priority list. In addition, social media marketers should ensure that any promotions they do are in the correct format for mobile, especially if the promotions are driving users to the company website. On top of that, any promotional images that are displayed on social media should also be optimized for mobile for a positive user experience.

New Twitter Search Engine Calls for More Optimized Tweets

This year has seen Twitter achieve one of its large long-standing goals, the new, more powerful Twitter search engine. This new search engine will allow Twitter users to search through every tweet ever published, which means that the way in which your tweets are structured is currently more important than ever before in the history of the popular micro blogging social network. In order to ensure that your tweets appear higher in Twitter’s search engine results you should include hashtags, images and links. Social media managers who use Twitter often for digital marketing and promotion should now be viewing Twitter as similar to Google; implementing the right keywords in your Tweets will ensure that you are more visible in search queries.

Can you think of any more recent, current or upcoming digital media marketing trends that social media marketers and managers should definitely be aware of? Whether you’re a social media marketer yourself or not, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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