Effective SMS Marketing

sms marketing

SMS can be a powerful promotional tool for organisations of all sizes, providing it is harnessed in an effective manner. Here are five of the biggest benefits of SMS marketing which might convince you to experiment with it this year.

Immediacy and Intimacy

A text message is unlike any other form of modern communication, since it not only benefits from being ubiquitously accessible and available on all mobile devices, but it also acts as a direct line to customers and consumers that is not as intrusive as a voice call.

If you want to have a real-time impact on your target audience, an SMS campaign is the best way to proceed. The only consideration to take into account is the timing of the message, since few people will appreciate being awoken by an alert at midnight.


Email’s biggest issue as a marketing platform is that the rise of spam filters makes it harder for businesses to get their messages through to customers, even if they might be interested in the interactions and offers that are available. The same is not true of text messages, as automatic filtering is not available as standard, and the majority of mobile users will not seek out third-party apps to prevent marketing messages from reaching them through this platform.

Thinking about the quality of the content you send to recipients is still essential, even in the unfiltered world of SMS, since it is only through truly engaging copy that success can be achieved.


There are enough mobile phones for nine out of ten people on the planet to own one. And in developed nations, plenty of people have two or more handsets to their name.

This opens up a vast audience to any business which is enterprising enough to take advantage of SMS marketing. And with many people willing to part with their mobile number and receive promotional texts from brands they trust, this is the kind of engagement that customers may actively seek out.


Text message campaigns can be managed in an integrated, interoperable manner via web-based Email to SMS solutions and other useful platforms that streamline the process of sending, receiving and monitoring mobile communications.

Because of this, it is easy to contact customers at a critical point in time for maximum impact and also to archive and analyse responses to help reap benefits in the long term. Furthermore, the process of tracking interactions which occur via SMS can be an invaluable analytical tool that helps you to improve future marketing campaigns.


Plenty of marketing models can seem very passive, making their impact harder to assess. But with an SMS campaign it is not simply a one-way conduit between a business and its customers, but a two-way street that allows for and can actively encourage reciprocal engagement.

So while a TV or print ad may reach a wide audience, a targeted SMS campaign can deliver measurable benefits and help to build relationships with customers which might otherwise be unattainable via traditional means.

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