Five Reasons to Love Where You Work!

Why do most people

hate where they work
?  Why are so many of us miserable?  Recently, I came
across an article written by Karl Staib in which he talked about the effect(s)
of putting people in a design-friendly atmosphere in order to

inspire excellent work
.  After all, if the environment you work in is
relaxing and comfortable, wouldn’t you look forward to going to work?  Kinda’
makes sense doesn’t it?

It’s Ok to Like Where You Work!

Have you ever seen images of the

Google Offices
over in Zurich?  It’s almost unreal.  I’m not saying that
this is how other offices should model themselves, but it brings up a great
point which is that it’s important to like where you work.  For some people,
enjoying where you work isn’t just about the atmosphere; it’s about simply
enjoying the type of work that you’re doing.

It all goes back to knowing what it is you like to do.  When you prepare to
leave for work, are you excited about going?  Do you often think about the tasks
that you will need to complete?  What goes through your mind?  Studies have
shown and proven time and time again that happier employees are more
productive employees.  And while this hasn’t yet translated into
shorter workweeks or less hours worked per day (which would make the majority of
us  happy), there are still ways to feel satisfied with what you do.  Here are
five reasons to love where you work:

  1. You are fairly compensated for the work that you do (ie.
    you are not expected to work longer than is necessary).
  2. The work enviornment is kept clean (bathroom & kitchen
    areas are kept clean and there aren’t any problems with rodents or insects
    in the office area).
  3. You get along with the other employees (at least on a
    professional level).
  4. The design & overall layout of the office allows you to
    work comfortably (i.e. the desks/chairs are in good working order, there is
    ample lighting, etc.).
  5. Your supervisor is willing to make concessions
    regarding your basic needs and/or things that you may need (ie. different
    lighting, pens, keyboard, etc.)

These are just five reasons you should love where you work.  However,
everyone is different- so if these don’t match up-it’s no big deal.  In the
meantime, you should consider these and other reasons (I’m sure you can think of
some) for how you can find happiness at work.  If you’re experiencing serious
discontent with your job, perhaps it’s time to re-think your career…

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