How to Attract and Keep Customers in a Retail Store

customerWithout customers, your store is doomed. The problem is that attracting customers – and keeping them – is easier said than done. Unless you do something different or sell something nobody else offers, people are apt to walk on by or go shopping online instead.

The easiest way to attract a steady stream of customers is to offer amazingly cheap prices. Unfortunately, this is not an economically viable strategy unless you want to go out of business in a few days. Let’s take a look at some other ways to capture a customer’s attention.

Invite Customers

Before you do anything, you need to give your customers a reason to visit your store. Social media marketing is useful, as it is a quick and easy way to alert people about sales and other special events. Market your store to new and existing customers on social media and encourage them to come and find out what exciting things you sell.

Window Displays

There are many ways to entice passing customers to step inside your store, but dressing your store window is one of the most important. Do you remember how it felt as a kid when your mama took you to visit a large department store at Christmas time? Each window had been transformed into a magical winter wonderland, with lights, snow, reindeer, and other festive decorations. It was a wonderful, memorable experience, and it made you want to run into the store and find out what amazing goodies they had for sale.

Today, you may be a grownup, but a mesmerizing window display has the same effect. Ensure products are well-lit and attractively arranged. Tell a story or group products in placement groups. The more interesting you make your window display, the more it will entice customers to step inside the shop.

In-Store Displays

There are many different ways to display goods in a store, so choose the most appropriate type of display for your products. Research consistently shows that the most effective displays are those that capture a shopper’s attention and force them to look closer.

If you have stock on sale or stock you need to shift quickly, invest in brightly colored pop displays and place them at the entrance to your store or close to the cash register.

Train Sales Staff

Nobody likes to be hassled when they go shopping. There is nothing worse than being stalked by an over attentive sales person as you look around a store. It’s pretty much guaranteed to propel you straight back out of the door.

Give your sales team adequate training before you let them loose on the shop floor. Encourage them to be helpful, friendly, and happy. If they look like little rays of sunshine, customers will be more inclined to stick around longer.

Make customers feel welcome inside and outside of your store. A clean, tidy, and welcoming store is far more effective than a dark, dingy, and unfriendly store. If you feel good in there, everyone else will too.

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